So at the last moment I got tickets to see the matinee today! My aunts were in town and one of them had never seen at Broadway show, or been to NYC for that matter, and we figured that Annie was the perfect show to take her to. 

The show itself was great, as I expected, but it was interesting to see it again as I saw it back in November with the original cast. Sadie played Annie and all the orphans played their regular parts (no swings or understudies on today). I did like Sadie's portrayal of Annie a lot. She played her more as a street-tough, smart, fast thinking kid, rather than an innocent orphan.She also didn't use as much as an accent as Lilla did, which I liked a lot too.

I don't think that I could say who was better between Lilla and Sadie as they both had their strengths and weaknesses in the part. I did like Sadie's lack of accent, but Lilla just seems to have much more of a mature, round voice instead of Sadie's who could get a little whiney from time to time.

I did see the new Ms. Hannigan (Faith Prince) and the new Grace (Jenny Barber) who both were great. Faith was hilarious but, like Katie Finneran, was more drunk than mean. Jenny Barber was great too- poised, sophisticated, and confident.

All around the show was great, but I can certainly see why it's set a closing date. The mezzanine was barely halfway full and the ushers even told the people sitting towards the back that they could move up as far as they wanted since they had seated everyone. There were only a few groups in the top balcony and the house was about 75% full. 

Go and check out the show if you have a chance to see it before it closes! The new cast of orphans are exciting, fresh, and funny and the show is still as enjoyable  as ever :)

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Thanks for the review!

Even amongs the young broadway elite...very few 10/11 year olds have as developed a voice as Lilla.  I personally prefer Sadie's voice as it sounds more child like...but Lilla is truly incredible

I have to agree with you and Rachel on your thoughts on Sadie.  Yesterday (Sat. 14th) I attended the matinee and saw Sadie as Annie for the first time plus I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing the new orphans.  After the show, I was able to get everyone's autograph as I said I would try to do in another post..  Afterwards I was able to have a one on one interview with Sadie as she waited with her guardian for her ride to come.  I told Sadie that I thought she had played Annie better than Lilla and that's my opinion since I have seen and heard both.  Although in Lilla's defense, I don't think she was feeling up to par when I saw and heard her in June.  Strange, I saw Lilla on June 14th and Sadie Sept.14th.  I liked the way Sadie portrayed Annie, it was more like a true life orphan of the time.  In the scene where she's sitting at the desk she's suppose to be writing something on a piece of paper, it looked like she actually wrote something.  I ask her if she indeed wrote something and she said no that she was just scribbling on the paper.  Then in the scene from You're Never Fully Dressed, when she was sitting next to Daddy Warbucks, the two of them were chatting back and forth while the other actors were singing.  I asked her if that was scripted for the scene and she said no that they were simply chatting while the attention was focused on the other side of the stage.  So actors can have a normal life, even relax a little when they're on stage and talk while waiting for the action to come back to them.  Sadly Anthony Warlow was replaced by Merwin Foard.  Merwin did a fine job although he seemed a little timid at first but as the play went on, he grew into the role and did himself proud.  His voice sounds deeper than Anthony's but I enjoy Mister Warlow's portrayal of Daddy Warbucks better.  When I asked Sadie if she knew if she would be the one to play the last evening show on closing night, the guardian said it has not been decided yet but that Sadie may be asked to portray Annie one final time.  The last thing I said to Sadie was this, "You're a Broadway Annie now, you'll always be a Broadway Annie, for the rest of your life. enjoy it".  I don't know if she ever thought of that fact before but I hope life treats her well after her turn of playing Annie, under the bright lights of Broadway.  Break a leg Sadie.

I think what they might end up doing on closing night is have both girls play annie and put Syke on as Duffy. That way Skye can be apart of closing night and both girls get to play annie that night. They did this during the closing of billy elliot, they had all 3 boys play billy that night.

Katherine,that sounds terrific but with a 2:00 pm matinee and a 6:30 evening show it seems one girl would have a lot of singing to do unless they split the roles in the matinee as well, which makes sense.  One question you may be able to answer for me.  On Saturday when everyone came out to sigh autographs, Taylor was missing as I believe she was in June too.  Does she sigh autographs?  I thought that maybe on Saturday she didn't want to step in Sadie's spotlight since they share the role, even though she played Duffy in the show and could have come out to sign.

I don't know the reason why Taylor didn't sign autographs but it does make sense for her to not come on matinee days when she is not annie.

When I saw the show in January, (I got to go backstage, which was very exciting) Lilla had friends visiting after the show, and then she skipped the whole autograph thing because it was late by that point. It was probably something like that. I think most of the girls like signing autographs. 

What a thrill of a lifetime that must have been for you Piper.  Just think of how few people even get the chance to go backstage, how were you so lucky?

I think she missed a chance to reward her fans waiting to see her because not many parents and children can wait around for the evening show to be over.  Besides, the dramatic way Sadie made her entrance to the crowd gave the orphans a spotlight of their own to reward their own fans.  When the stage door first opened, all the orphans came out at once and went down the line signing and getting their pictures taken with fans.  When they reached the end of the line, they turned around and one by one went back inside.  A number of little girls and parents were disappointed that Sadie had not come out.  I said don't worry to the children, Sadie has more things to change (like her wig for one) she'll probably come out soon.  Sure enough, about two minutes after all the orphans went inside, Sadie made her dramatic entrance to the cheers and applause of her fans (way to go Sadie).  Now that's an old style "Grand Entrance", keep the fans waiting and then step into the spotlight.  When she got to the end of the line, she stayed there until she had signed everyone's program and had a number of pictures taken with her fans.  Now that's a gracious actress for you,Thank You Sadie.  To ever actor and actress who reads this, remember this advice "The fans are the ones who put you where you're at, they can also forget you too, so be kind to your fans, they put you there!!! "

Robert, I think you make way too big a deal of things. These are just kids. I've read here and other sites where Lilla or Sadie or Taylor did not come out to sign. There's countless reasons I'm sure such as they've got guests visiting or meetings/rehearsal or they are under the weather. Maybe they simply have homework to do in between shows. They are not obligated to sign anything. Yes, it's nice for a fan to get an autograph but it is their talent and hard work that put them there, not the fans. And yes, if fans dont show up the show doesnt go on, but fans come to shows to see a great show not to get an autograph afterwards. If that were the case they could buy a playbill for a buck on eBay and just wait at the stage door. A lot cheaper than buying an $80 ticket.

I agree.  My guess is also that as kids they LOVE signing autographs and getting that attention.  I am sure they have reasons for not coming out when they don't. 

Personally Baily, it makes no difference whether I get an autograph or picture but maybe you should have been there to hear the disappointment in those girl's voices when they thought their heroes weren't coming out.  Or heard their squeals of delight when Sadie and the orphans actually did come out, that's what I'm saying.  It takes all of what, 5 minutes to come out to reward the fans for coming to see them.  I know Stars who have spent an hour or more signing autographs and taking pictures with every fan because they know that someday there may be no more fans.  If I were an actor or actress, I would want the former, not the latter.  It's only my opinion, nothing more.


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