We Know that Molly is the youngest Pepper is the oldest and meanest and tessie is the cry baby but what are the other orphans described as 

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Molly - The littlest orphan.

Pepper - The toughest girl in the orphanage.

Duffy - The oldest girl in the orphanage.

Kate - The next to littlest orphan.

Tessie - The crybaby in the orphanage.

July - The quietest orphan.

oh wow, for over 30 years I thought Pepper was the oldest.

Me too!

is kate a prankster as well since she shoves the mouse in hanigians face or souvenir pillow sometimes 

I thought that was Duffy?

Kate is the "tomboy orphan" in what I've heard, so yes, she could be considered a prankster, probably the one who always brings the animals in or does other things like that. (I have Miss Hannigan, in one story I wrote, threatening the girls that she'll feed them milk in saucers and make them chase birds for food, a reference to Kate and also to Molly playing in the laundry.)

Duffy does shove the pillow in Miss Hannigan's face in ones I've seen, but I think Kate might have done it first. I think there, it depends on who does the line best. (I've also heard it "Molly threw up on it before.") Just like they usually have Duffy step on Miss Hannigan's foot but sometimes it's Molly.

Someone else said they thought Pepper was the oldest - that's becasue she was in the '82 movie.


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