So I don't go on here as much as I'd like due to exams etc, and I wouldn't normally share something like this but I'm honestly so excited!
Our local theatre group does an annual production outside in a forest soundstage, much like TUTS but not with roofing or as much physical backdrop and they're fabulous. The atmosphere is great. Usually they do twists on Shakespeare or older plays from books like Wuthering Heights and they never do musicals. The youth section however is for 8 - 25 year olds (with 16+ able to do the older shows if they want. I'm 15 so next year I'll be able to woohoo!) and we have many an indoor venue to put on many shows. Last year we did Les Mis in a brick barn which was really awesome. This year however we managed to get permission to perform ANNIE outside!!!
I've been holding in this news for a long time but I wanted to tell somebody now because I knew what the costumes would look like, and us orphans got our PJ fittings today. Perhaps you can tell which orphan I am playing? :)
The PJs are inspired by the NETworks tour. I think we did actually email them about costume rentals but as far as I know they didn't rent to England, which I don't blame them for, but had no problem with us basing some of the costumes on theirs. We haven't been given our pinafore NFD costumes yet I don't think they will be like the tours I think they're completely different.
We don't yet know when press photos will happen but unless anybody is like overly interested I won't post any and I'm not sure how happy some of the others will be with having their faces online as opposed to just local articles. I know my friend Lucy who is Duffy is ok with it but the girl who plays Molly is very little.
We also have a very cool makeup artist who worked on Les Mis and is great with ageing makeup. Here in our county we do a West End Week workshop during the six weeks summer holiday where on the Friday the children perform in a West End theatre for one night on a piece they've learned that week with various stars that come in to help. There are also makeup artists who come in and teach them that skillset - this year it was Cats but last year it was Les Mis! The lady who did Les Mis is retired and is very friendly with many theatre companies in this county, ours included so very kindly offered to do make up for those playing older roles!!
This is going to be so much fun - I'm so looking forward to it after I have finished Tess of the D'Urbervilles with another theatre company! :D

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That is GREAT!! Congratulations!!!

Thank you!! :D


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