Hi guys,

It's been quite a while I haven't posted here I think...

I'm not sure it's okay to open a post for this, but I wanted to share my excitement and tell you that after a life long appreciation of little orphan Annie's story, 7 years of obsession with the show (and a reading of one of the comic strips too), I am finaly getting the opportunity to see Annie on Broadway! This is actually a dream come true.

I've been lucky 'cause in the end it won't have stayed that long, heard it closes on January... And this year I go to grad school in Boston, this academic year only since I'm in an axchange program, and this is the year where Annie still plays! I actually watched the movie again on my little I-pod, on one of my very first nights at my new place. I had put my bed (a bed which looks a bit like those of the orphans in the movie) next to the big window, and the buildings made of brick that I could see outside reminded me of the movie as well =). "maybe" starts playing in my head each time i look at that window (I did like the idea of having my bed there but had to move it because old building also means bad isolation and wind on your head at night! anyway, i digress).


I haven't been following the show lately, but I think they made some changes in this version... Do you guys know if there're any differences between the days/hours of the show? For instance, when I saw Cabaret in Paris, they made the understudies play on the afternoon and the "stars" only in the evening. Is there a certain day/hour I should try to get ticket for, or it doesn't matter?


So I'll definitly write my impressions on this same thread, in, I hope, about three weeks from now!

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You will love Matilda!

Was Sadie there and did she seem alright?

Sadie was Duffy and she was amazing!

the other orphans were all very good as well (the little girl playing Kate was soooo cute)

but with all honestly to me Sadie stood out a bit (in the sense that you noticed her presence)

 I am glad to hear she did well, as did the other orphans.  I saw it in December and Jaidyn was on for Taylor that performance.  They all did great.  I love Casey and Sunny, as Sandy and stray dog.  I wonder where Casey went to.  I still wish Sadie was sharing the title role.  :-(


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