Hi guys,

It's been quite a while I haven't posted here I think...

I'm not sure it's okay to open a post for this, but I wanted to share my excitement and tell you that after a life long appreciation of little orphan Annie's story, 7 years of obsession with the show (and a reading of one of the comic strips too), I am finaly getting the opportunity to see Annie on Broadway! This is actually a dream come true.

I've been lucky 'cause in the end it won't have stayed that long, heard it closes on January... And this year I go to grad school in Boston, this academic year only since I'm in an axchange program, and this is the year where Annie still plays! I actually watched the movie again on my little I-pod, on one of my very first nights at my new place. I had put my bed (a bed which looks a bit like those of the orphans in the movie) next to the big window, and the buildings made of brick that I could see outside reminded me of the movie as well =). "maybe" starts playing in my head each time i look at that window (I did like the idea of having my bed there but had to move it because old building also means bad isolation and wind on your head at night! anyway, i digress).


I haven't been following the show lately, but I think they made some changes in this version... Do you guys know if there're any differences between the days/hours of the show? For instance, when I saw Cabaret in Paris, they made the understudies play on the afternoon and the "stars" only in the evening. Is there a certain day/hour I should try to get ticket for, or it doesn't matter?


So I'll definitly write my impressions on this same thread, in, I hope, about three weeks from now!

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Hey French girl! I know exactly what you mean by "dream come true"!!! I'd say times or dates don't matter for tickets except if you want to see a specific Annie.

Tu vas voir, c'est génial et je te mets au défi de ne pas avoir envie de pleurer (de bonheur!) quand tu y seras enfin! Trop envie d'y être avec toi!!!

hey Cecile! how have you been?

a specific Annie ? okay i definitly have to get informed more about what's going on with the show! is Lila still playing in it?

oh i'll definitly cry all the time i'm sure lol. I did for Les miz and I had been a fan for two years only, so... the ouverture, maybe and tomorrow (and hkl too i guess) are going to be the most emotional ones i'm sure!

wish you coud come too!


hm, i have this heart locket neckless, but no, not gonna wear it it'll be too much lol. or maybe under my sweatshirt ;)

No, Lilla isn't in the show anymore, Taylor Richardson and Sadie Sinks have taken over the part of Annie.

If this is any help to you on which performance you may want to attend, I noticed something in the Playbill program I received when I saw the show September 14th.  In the list of cast members, it shows that Taylor Richardson and Sadie Sink both play the title role of Annie.  What caught my eye was the fact that there was one asterisk (*) after Taylor's name and two (**) after Sadie's name.  When I checked to see why, this is what I found out.  Sadie is listed as playing Annie on Tuesday evening, Saturday matinee and also Sunday matinee.  Taylor is listed as playing Annie on Wednesday matinee, Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday evening and also Sunday evening.  Now that's not to say they won't change it if one of them is sick or just can not go on.  Also, which ever one is playing Annie, the other is playing the role of Duffy so you do get to see both of them at the same performance.  I got to see Sadie in the matinee on the 14th and Taylor was playing Duffy.  I hope this helps you, enjoy the show it's a great musical.  You may also get to take pictures of them and have them sign your Playbill if they choose to come out the Stage Door on 47 Street.

Really? I thought they were each doing 4 shows a week as Annie.

I think you'll be happy going whenever. I haven't heard of understudies going on more so during the Annie matinees and I doubt you would even notice if they were. Both Taylor and Sadie seem so talented I'd only be disappointed if I couldn't see both of them!

thank you all for your replies!

so, i saw it last friday


Taylor was Annie.

it was awesome. I cried as soon as it started lol, and then again for hard Knock life (yeah), and also at that scene when she's about to get adopted and bam, the fake parents come. still can't believe i saw it finally. it reminded me a lot of the Disney version also! ok more later, need to go to bed =)

French-girl, so happy you finally saw the show and enjoyed it! ;) Old Fan

Sounds like you had a fantastic trip! Congrats, and thanks for sharing!

So happy for you! I knew you'd cry too!!!

Glad you were able to visit New York City and see Annie before it closed.  Thank You for coming to the United States and enjoying an exciting part of our country, what did you think of Time Square, wonderful place huh?

thanks everyone!


Robert : time square is indeed impressive! not the first time saw it though=) and i'm enjoying the US for the academic year since I'm going to college in Boston thanks to an exchange programm! will be back to nyc later, I want to see Mathilda as well^^

and I saw Chicago the following night btw =) Roxy was awesome.


Cecile: i also knew I would cry.


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