So, after a long long wait I finally went to see the show last Friday (sept. 7th). It was an incredible experience, and I was very emotional and happy. I travelled to São Paulo (I'm from Porto Alegre, down in the south, and the trip by plane wasn't long, only 1 hour and a half) just so I could go - I asked for a day off at work (I'm a teacher, so it was really hard to get lol) and left on Thursday, as September 7th is a national holiday around here, and travelling that day would be terrible. Anyways, a friend of mine who lives there went with me and fell in love with the story, and that was only one of the positive points of the night :)

First of all, we have three Annies and three teams of orphans: Maria Clara team, Sienna team and Luiza team. The teams share sessions, and the one I saw was Luiza and her team of orphans. Just to mention, out of the three, Luiza is the Annie with the sweetest voice, and it was a total delight to hear her sing! She is SUPER expressive and it was beautiful to see. She really puts her heart in the songs - plus, she is super funny and spunky, a great characteristic for a girl playing Annie. And she's only 10! Her rendition of Tomorrow was incredible (and the dog playing Sandy is the cutest thing ever on stage). I got to meet her after the play and she was super sweet. When I told her I travelled just to see the show she was like "NO, WAIT, SERIOUSLY? OMG, mom, did you hear that? Thank you!" and gave me a big hug. (Don't mind my face. For some unknown reason, maybe because I was super happy or something, I looked to some other direction than my camera lol I'm really upset because of that, but I still love my picture wih "Annie" :) ). 

Talking about the musical numbers,I must say I was beyond curious to know how "NYC" and "We'd like to thank you" would be, because a lot of things that are said in the English version (such as names and some expressions) are unknown to the brazilian public. Yet I can say that the producers did an amazing job with the lyrics, because, like in "HKL", they got to catch what the songs wanted to say and put them in words. "NYC" was specially nice, because they sang about the city being their place and how their hearts belonged in there. It was something like, "New York, my city, my place. My heart is here, and it's where I always want to be". Star-to-be also sings about being famous in the city that never sleeps, and how her heart has always belonged there and that's why she travelled to that place, and there everyone will know her name. The scenario for this part was also my favorite, because it was full of lights and names of places in New York everywhere. It was beautiful. 

"Smile" was also a show-stopper! The orphans were all amazing, specially Molly and Tessie. Tessie said "Oh my goodness heaven!" and cried out loud supper funnily. The name of the actress playing Molly was Ashley Bernardi - she was also super sweet when I spoke to her at the end. She is SUPER funny and danced super well - actually, all the orphans did. They did a coreography that kind of mixes the original and the 1999 movie version, with all the orphans tapping. It was really amazing. I didn't record anything because I was paying attention to the show lol but I believe there'll be a video very soon. Plus they didn't allow us to use our phones, only at the bows. Oh! And the chorus went like "It doesn't matter if your clothes come from Paris, what really matters is to show that you are happy, my friend!". I think it was, too, an incredible adaptation, because most of the public wouldn't know Main Street or Saville Row. So it was avery nice exit too! Smile is my favorite song from Annie, and it didin't disappoint. 

Talking about the adults, Miss Hannigan was the most incredible one. She's so funny she makes everyone laugh when she speaks - plus, her singing was super good! It's the actress's first musical, and she danced and sang super well. She's an amazing actress, and fits perfectly in the role. Her rendition of "Little Girls" was perfect - not only talking about singing, but the whole. She's also very expressive and made that number one of the best in the whole show. Daddy Warbucks was also pretty funny when he needed to be, and also emotional when necessary. Miguel Falabella is one of our greatest complete actors and he did a great job. Also, he sang perfectly. "Something was missing" was by far his best in the play. One fun fact, Lily St. Regis here became Lily du Palace - because, too, the St. Regis is unknown to brazilian audience, but the Palace is, so it was very well thought. Lily was super funny - she did a Lina Lamont kind of voice, and her singing was perfect. Grace was graceful, with a beautiful, sweet, singing voice. I also believe the actress was perfect for the role. Her name's Sara Sarres. 

Rooster was particularly one of my favorites for some reason. He is a true villain. The way he moves and acts makes the character look a bit more evil than he should lol specially in the scenes where he pretends to be Annie's dad. But that was me of course. Plus his singing is amazing  - and "Easy Street" was spectacular. The actor's name is Cleto Baccic. I was laughing because he is a super funny and sweet guy :) 

The scenario was made by a british guy. I don't remember his name right now, but he did a wonderful job - the Warbucks mansion in a whole was great. There are stairs to the left and right, and a big door, where Annie comes out from at the bows. The orphanage is very dark, giving a sad atmosphere. The Warbucks mansion is full of lights and clear, the complete opposite, which, I think, was very well thought. 

Anyway, I believe that's it. If I ever have some videos, I will be pleased to share and translate for you guys. I was just so happy and excited I believe I was annoying lol but it was a great, GREAT night. I'll try to plan another trip to go, because the show will be running until january (and the plane tickets are not that expensive from here to São Paulo, plus I have where to stay because I have family there). All the performances until now were sold out! Luckily enough, I bought my ticket in July, so I sat in the second row, very close to the stage, and I could see super well, hehe. 

And if anyone's interested, just talk to me and I'll scan/take pictures of the program and translate too. Thanks for the attention, if anyone read this until the end. I was very excited to share with you guys. :)

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Lovely photos! The show sounds amazing, glad you had a wonderful time! Hopefully more videos appear at some point, it seems like a fantastic production :)

Thanks! I just found a video of the bows from the VIP performance (it was a performance for both journalists and famous people):

It's very nice! Only one cast performed, but all three were there, that's why there are so many kids at the end hahah. 

Thanks so much for sharing your experience and how they changed lyrics and names for the audience to identify.  I live in Ecuador and have always wanted to see a production in Spanish, but so far it has never worked out.  I too live far away from the capital and other big cities, which complicates travel.  The Brazilian production sounds fantastic!

Welcome! Glad you enhoyed reading my post. I must say that I was a little worried about translation of names, and that's why I was so curious about "NYC" and "We'd like to thank you", but as I said, I was relieved with the wonderful job. 

And I must say I know how you feel - I never thought there would be a production here. It took a long time, I must say. I hope some day you can see it in your language! :) 

Your emotion and excitement reminded me of how I felt when I finally saw Annie on Braodway 6 years ago. I'm so happy for you that you got to see a quality production and enjoyed it. If you do happen to scan the photos in the program, I'm sure everybody would be happy to see them posted here.

I would love to see the program 

I'm so happy you enjoyed Annie!! From everything I've seen on Instagram, it looks great. I was scrolling through the woman who plays Miss Hannigan Instagram photos, and unless I'm mistaken, her daughter is one of the Mollys! Could you clarify this for me? 

Hi! She's not - it was her birthday and she asked if she could be on the play for one day, so they allowed her. They added a character called "Milly", Molly's twin, so she could be on stage. I haven't seen any footage of her daughter on the play, and I believe it haven't changed anything in the story, but in my opinion it was unfair to the orphans. Yet, judging by what I have seen on Instagram, none of them cared at all. The little girls is very sweet and all the girls love her. 


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