I feel like the show has been cheapened by the addition of "The Musical" in the title

So this rant has been a long time coming...

Why did the producers feel the need to jump on the recent "(Insert title here): The Musical" bandwagon?  Surely it wasn't to inform audiences that the show has songs, since "Annie" has been one of the best-known musicals for the past 35 years.  I just feel like my favorite show has now been lumped together with the recent "The Musical" fad, even though it was created WAY before shows like "Matilda: The Musical", "A Christmas Story: The Musical", "Grinch: The Musical", "Bring it On: The Musical", "Shrek: The Musical", "Elf: The Musical", etc.

I apologize if I'm raining on anybody's parade here, but I just had to get that out...

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Interesting point.  

It doesn't really bother me.  I think it really has more to do with the internet.  you can't really have a website the musicals are their name plus "the

I think you're right. It probably has to do with websites. But, what do the dramas do then?

It drives me nuts too. Honestly, I  hate it on all of them. If someone can't figure out what is and what is not a musical....well....there is the internet. Or even, heaven forbid.....a newspaper. That's how we knew what was what in the old days.

This doesn't bug me as it obviously does you, but is it really a new phenomenon? I am pretty sure I've seen the phrase 'A New Musical' in photos from the 1977 production. 

I would agree, though, it is weird considering that "Annie," by that title, is only and has only ever been a musical. The other examples you mention were all non-musical films first (well, Shrek had some songs, I guess). In that case, the addition of the post-colon phrase clarifies which version of the property one is discussing.

Okay I guess that does make sense for the other ones. I admit, I have never read "Matilda" or seen the one movie made. So to me "Matilda" is the musical we know.

But I guess I also noticed it on "Pippin (the musical)" and it drove me nuts. Mostly cuz I have known and loved that one even longer than Annie.

And yeh, it did used to say "  A new musical" and I wondered why they kept that as long as they did. I dunno, maybe it's just a lot of nitpicking on my part, but yeh, people should know Annie is a musical by now

The thing is that there are not near enough die hard fans for producers to justify assuming everyone knows a certain show is a musical...they have to advertise and draw in new people.  Pretty much everyone knows Annie considering there have been two movies and a third coming out but I bet a lot of people don't know anything about Pippin.


But alas...I think it has more to do with search engines than anything else. 

I don't have a problem with it but I liked what they did with the 30th Anniversary cast recording calling it "Annie: The Broadway Musical." I like that but I don't really mind putting "...The Musical" at the end.

While you would think that the majority of people would know that Annie is a musical, you can never be too sure! I had some people at A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum tell me they were 'surprised' that there was singing in it. And when I told someone at work that Les Miserables was brilliant they asked me if it was a comedy movie!


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