Haven't heard an Annie with a voice like this in a long time.

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Nice!  The Broadway Annie's were pretty great, but the tour Annie's have not had nearly enough vocal power...she is going to be absolutely fantastic.  I wonder if there are going to lower the key for her a bit though...she has a great belt but might struggle with the high notes

I agree, I was referring to the crop of tour Annies.

She has a great voice! 

But in general are usually the orphans and Annies from the Broadway shows better then the tour orphans and tour Annies?

I used to think so.

True but being they're always makingba big deal about Martin directing it...

Marissa O'Donnell was a fantastic tour Annie (and so were her fellow orphans I think)

They were indeed. But back then it was an Equity-tour I believe. Not really sure if that really makes a difference though except for the payroll. Is it harder to get a part when the production i equity versus non equity. I would hope that would be the case, but I´m not sure when it comes to casting children. Most children are non-equity, unless they have once been in a production of a larger scale.

They were excellent! I saw all the original orphans the first year of the tour and loved them. The Ryan sisters left the tour after that week.

I believe the first year of Marissa's two years of Annie was equity. I seem to remember the second year being non-equity.
Disregard my last comment. I know for certain that the 2007-2008 tour and those after were non-equity. I think the 2006-2007 tour from what I was able to find was still equity.

I think it was equity the first two years because they wanted to have a stop in NYC and so had to stay equity. They played Madison Square Garden the second year of the tour.

Her vibrato sounds weird, but I can't really explain why. Almost forced or something.


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