Has the supervision of the Annie kids improved since the '70s?

I remember in LAT how, I believe it was Robin Finn, said that when Annie was first on Broadway in '77 the girls were a bit wild, going out to nightclubs, etc.  I'm just wondering if the supervision of the girls, both in the Broadway productions as well as the touring companies, improved over the years.

I imagine that the girls in the 1997 revival were much better supervised than the girls in the 1977 original cast, and I'd venture that the girls in the 1998 London revival were likewise better supervised than the girls in the 1978 original London cast.

Am I correct here or am I totally off-base?

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Ooh, yikes!  Do you know what happened?

I believe that since the 1970's it has been improved significantly mostly because people are more aware nowadays about these kind of things happening and I'm sure with more reports coming out about situations such as drugs and sex that the production team is doing its best to make sure that the children are more well protected, watched out for and kept them with a safe a responsible adult at all times. What ever happened in the 70's and 80's is surely not happening anymore. I am sure that the children are safe at all times.

Anybody know how the supervision was during the 1998 London revival?  Was the supervision good by that time or were the kids running amok?

We hear those stories about the "orphans" going to Studio 54, but I would bet they were pretty closely supervised.  In fact, I would bet that it was a gigantic publicity stunt.  Granted, people these are neurotically vigilant about the well-being of their children, well-meaning as they may be, but we still did have DCFS in the 70s.  

Julie could probably speak to this if she cares to, since her documentary gave me the impression (perhaps mistaken) that the supervision was sometimes minimal.

Julie answers a bit of that in this discussion...

Apparently there was no supervision at all.

I agree with Mike. SJP, Kathy Jo Kelly and and Robyn Finn all stated in LAT they went clubbing and were allowed into Studio 54 because they were in the show. I think their mothers were clubbing too- Danielle Brisebois said her mother loved the nightlife Another mother went AWOL at night, leaving others to watch her child..There were no child wranglers then plus this was after show hours.In LAT Julie said the tutors were stoned in the bathroom during school hours.I think things have changed!


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