Has anyone seen the New Matildas Perform *Hope it is ok to post here* I can't seem to find a review

I know this is a Annie forum so I hope this okay to post here. There has been lots of negative reviews of paige on tumblr and mixed for Gabby. Ava and Ripley have not started yet!

Thank you. Delete if I may not post about Matilda. xx

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Haven't seen any of the new girls yet, but I'm going in a couple weeks. I'm curious too. The original 4 were excellent!

I've heard that Paige's acting and singing is great, but the British accent is weak.

i have a audio. and her acting is great and singing is pretty good but the accent is very weak. Gabby is amazing from what I have heard no audio yet but i have heard her naughty which was ok and her quiet which was amazing!

I haven't seen any of them yet but I'm going in April!! Super excited

please please please write a review :)

I saw Gabby in the role last night. I must say she was excellent, particularly for being so new to the part. I saw Matilda one other time with Bailey playing Matilda. Although Bailey was also superb, Gabby has a sweeter, younger sounding voice. She did appear a bit reserved in the beginning (right through the Naughty song), but it was probably nerves. I know she has not had many performances yet. But, by the end, she seemed confident and stole the show from every angle. She earned a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience. It really is quite mind-blowing to me how someone that young can remember all those lines including some in Russian. Her British accent was toned down a bit compared to Bailey's, but I had heard that this was because the director decided to "Americanize" the accents some. I think that was a good decision and found Gabby was a bit easier to understand than Bailey. If you havent seen Matilda, I would highly recommend it. All the cast members, inluding the children in supporting roles, were excellent. Really enjoyable theater - worth every dime!

I've heard mainly positive reviews of Gabby, Ava, and Paige recently, but not of Ripely.

If this is not okay to post please do delete it Julie, but when the original Matildas in the West End were replaced, were the fans as judgmental and harsh over the new ones as they are here? The fans on tumblr are very harsh when critiquing the newtildas.

You can here all the girls perform naughty and quiet...I think Ripley sounds sweet...she also really looks the part

hear not here


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