The article talks about Sadie being sick and if I'm reading the story correctly, Taylor is in the new movie Annie.

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I Wonder what credit we can give to that post...

I wondered that myself Cecile, but I posted it anyway to see what others thought of the article.

I find this whole situation quite strange since Taylor usually played Duffy when Sadie was Annie. However, why wouldn't they just have put Skye on as Annie and an orphan do a split track instead of having Taylor come from wherever she was?

Maybe Taylor was off and Skye was already filling in for her as Duffy?  I'm still confused about the movie thing, though.

And aren't there split tracks for situations like this, especially because they went back to only having one swing?  What would they have done if Taylor wasn't in the area?  It seems unreasonable to drag Taylor in and make the audience wait like that.

Skye was on as Duffy.  I think by that point, Skye had not rehearsed the Annie part, and Gaby definitely hadn't, so they didn't have an Annie.  Which seems crazy - good thing Taylor was close by!

Taylor does have a small part in the movie.

Skye could have gone on as Annie, and one of the orphans could have done a split track.  They had to have rehearsed for that.  It's pretty common that when one kid gets sick, it can spread, so they have to have a plan for more than one kid being out.  (Matilda recently had literally half the entire cast get sick and they had to scramble to create split tracks for everyone.)  It just seems really strange that they would call in Taylor unless she was free and within walking distance of the theater.

Do you have any details on Taylor's role in the movie?

Natalie, to a novice like myself and probably others as well who may visit the forum, what are "split tracks"?  I have an idea but I'm probably wrong since it seems you're using insider lingo.  I'm thinking duel roles but probably incorrect.

A track in theatre is basically the full performance of a certain actor.  We would call it a track instead of a role, because some actors in the ensemble may play multiple small roles throughout the performance.  So a swing usually needs to memorize a number of tracks so that he or she will know what to do to cover for a certain actor who is out.  For example, Skye was the orphan swing, so she had to memorize the tracks for Annie, Duffy, Pepper, July, and Tessie.  As the understudy for Molly, Brooklyn had to know both her track as Kate, and Molly's track.

Splitting a track means that one actor has to play more than one track at the same time, or a track is split among a number of actors.  This may occur if there aren't enough swings to cover the number of people who are out of the show for that performance.  This may require some reblocking of choreography.  The lines or special parts of both tracks will usually be combined, if possible.  Sometimes, the lines of the actor who is out will be distributed.

If both Taylor and Sadie were out, they could have put Skye on as Annie and split the Duffy track among a few girls by changing the choreography a bit, distributing her lines, and giving another girl her "Smile" solo.  This would have been difficult to arrange at the last minute considering how late Sadie got sick, but they should have planned for a situation where two girls were out at once, especially because they cut down their number of swings.

Thanks Natalie, your answer was very informative, it filled in some of the blanks I was missing.  I guess at this late stage of the show (almost October), they didn't want to go through the hassle if two girls were out, especially Annie.  Thanks again.

Everything in that article is true.

I'm not going to say how I know, but just know I would never lie.

Taylor is not listed in the new movie  cast list.  Maybe she is an extra...

As far as Taylor being in the new Annie movie....I saw that Emma Howard (Hortensia in Matilda) filmed as a dance double for Tessie. Perhaps Taylor did something similar? Or she could be any number of background roles. 


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