Former Broadway/National Tour Annies and/or Orphans: School?

 If any of you feel like answering this-when you left the show, were you behind your class at school, ahead of them, or the same? I did read how one girl, Brittny Kissinger I think, said she got ahead in math. (I know that's the one subject I definetly would NOT have been ahead in-lol)

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I can only speak for myself, but when I was on tour, my schooling was terrible. The tutor could not help me with my work and I ended up teaching the younger kids. When I went back to school, I was behind and it took a half of a school year to catch up. When I did the show on Broadway, we were all responsible for our own schooling, so I enrolled in Professional Children's School and got an amazing education. When the show closed and I moved back home, I was ahead of my class.


I never really understood how school for touring kids works.  Did your school back home send you assignments?

Yes, you bring books and assignments from home. My teachers would give my work to one of my family members and they would mail it to me. I had all of my school books with me in a trunk. I would mail in my completed assignments every few weeks so that my home teachers could grade it.


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