I'm not sure if its just me but this forum has seemed really quiet lately, so I just thought I'd post something.

Anyway, who is your favourite Annie? I personally love so many of the girls but overall, the original 2015 UK Tour Annie's are probably my favourite (Sophia Pettit, Madeleine Haynes and Isabella Pappas)

Also, the 40th anniversary show is coming up soon! Wonder if they will do anything special after the curtain call? 

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Yes, it has been quiet ! This question has been asked many times but it's nice to get new feedback. My same old answer is: Andrea McArdle, Allison Smith, Louanne, Kristi Coombs, Marisa O'Donnell...most Annies I've seen on BW, tours or even local productions have had a lot of talent.

I hope there is a lot of publicity about the 40th Anniversary too.

Probably the first Annie I ever saw, Mary K. Lombardi, in Philadelphia.  It was a magical day for me.

Favorite professional Annie- Marissa O'Donnell

Favorite community theater Annie- A girl named Meghan (who's last name I don't remember) but if I heard her voice even now as an adult, I know I'd recognize it!


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