Do you think Broadway's new Annie, Lilla Crwaford has potential?

I saw her on The Today Show and she sounded (she sung with the two news people) she sounded ok, but there is a little fifth grade at my school and the same age that I think could have played Annie. I auditioned, and they even said that she beat out 5,000 girls, which I am one of those 5,000 girls...

ANYWAY do you think she has the potential? She's 11 years old and in 5th grade. She sounded good..., but can an 11 year old take a lead on Broadway? Andrea McArdle was 13, so will it be a lot of pressure? Google Lilla Crawford and her picture will come up and all of the news stories announcing that she will be playing Annie on Broadway... :)

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Yes, I am sure that she will be a good Annie. The producers searched for a long time and Lilla has already been a professional actress on Broadway, so I don't doubt that she can handle the role.


Thank you for your input! I just wanted to know what everyone thinks...

BTW Does anyone know when ensemble auditions will be taking place?

I think Lilla has potential. She reminds me of Cassidy Ladden, both in looks and singing voice (from Lilla's Billy Elliot days).

I am sure she will be great. She has been on broadway before.

I saw her as Debbie in Billy Elliot.  She was very good, but the role she played is very different from Annie and her voice wasn't really featured too much in that.  I'm sure she'll do a great job.  They probably chose a professional actress over an amateur for the very reason that she will have to carry the show.  She already has experience with performing 8 shows a week.

I personally know Lilla.  I directed her at YADA in Los Angeles in productions of Millie, Rent and Charlie Brown among others.  She is AMAZING!  She is very, very dedicated and driven and when I was working with her she was 8!  She has an amazing voice and she is a very, very good little actress.  She will be a very deep and very serious Annie I can tell you.  And I'm excited to say that I personally know a Broadway Annie!! Yay!!!

I was in a production of Annie last summer.  The girl who played Annie in our production was up in NYC last summer for Annie workshops.  Her family met and talked with Lilla and her mother.  The mother of our Annie says Lilla has the it factor and will be fabulous.  :-)


Ok, thanks. This is great to know! I'm very excited for this production!!! :)

That is the production of Millie that I directed her in :)


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