Hey all!

I've had the pleasure of having the opportunity to direct Annie once again.  It's in a small North Dakota community 90 minutes away from where I live.  16 performances total (we've done two so far).  Below are links for your viewing pleasure:



Video of Fully Dressed Children (I'll reshoot and repost when they are really comfortable with the dancing)


Photo of one of our Annies:


Photos of other cast members:



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The video looks really great; Molly is a great little tap-dancer!!!! When you re-shoot, can you also shoot the opening scene, "Maybe", Hard-Knock Life," "Hard-Knock Life Reprise," and "Tomorrow?"
Thanks Lucy! Absolutely - I do have some of those scenes shot, but I don't want to share those too much.  They were shot while we were still in rehearsals.  And I agree about little Molly - her mom said she's been working really hard on her tap skills for the past year :)

I am so happy for you! I haven't directed Annie for a community theater since 1998 but hope to again one day. How did you ever find that cute dog??

Thanks AlsoAnAnnie!  Maggie May (Sandy) is owned by the grandmother of one of my Annies.  She gave me a call before rehearsals started and I had not been able to find a suitable Sandy yet (I did have one ready to go, but he's so wiggly - we ended up using him as the stray dog).  So I traveled to the grandmother's home to see Maggie May.  She is so adorable! She is so calm and it didn't take long for her to learn her "lines"  she was ready to go after our first rehearsal with her!

I liked how the end of the Never Fully Dressed scene is staged.

It just seems (in the photos) that the orphans are wearing a bit too much make-up, especially the bright red lipstick.

Thanks Cecile!  I chose to go with the recent tour staging of the end of that scene rather than have Tessie distract Hannigan with her "sore finger" ( had satged the sore finger last time and wanted to try something different).  I think the buildup to the foot stomping plays out so much better.


As for the makeup - yes, it is put on quite heavily and was not meant for closeup still shots, but was designed for stage lighting so the audience can still see their facial features.  Also, the photographer was using a flash.  I don't use a flash (Nikon D7000) and my photos are turning out much better than what you saw on the DL Journal site.

Molly is an amazing dancer indeed! I enjoyed a lot watching this.


So Mary, I guess they're using the same makeup in the video too? 'Cause if they are you can't see much.

Hi Laura,

Yes, same makeup.  Some more heavily applied than others.


Here are two more vids I added to youtube:


and more to come.




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