different greek annie production and a small clip from the 2nd group

different greek annie production in 2007-2008, and a small clip from the 2nd group

(scene after hard knock life)

(scene where lilly and rooster dress as annies parents to fool hannigan)

( easy street)

(2nd group annies are signing tomorrow with the first 2 annies (the older girls they finished their run)

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Wow!!! The 2nd group of Annie's are so small!!! They make the older girls look so tall!!!

the annies started out as small orphans in the 2013 year than went to annies in 2014

When I saw this on Youtube , I absolutely loved it. It seems like a wonderful production. I commented on the video of the " Scene after HKL" and asked if she could upload the entire first scene. Would have loved to see how the acting and scenery would look like. Due to copyright reasons, she could not but I did mention posting it on private or as 'unlisted' on youtube could be okay. Maybe she needs to hear from others and she could possibly upload it! 


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