I found this video of Dana Gaier as Annie. She did the voice of Edith in Despicable Me. I think she sings good what do you think?

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she' good =)

and i love how she looks like as annie

There's room for improvement. I wish she'd hold the notes in Tomorrow. And what's that stupid military drum roll just before the end of the Tomorrow extract?
I didn't like the ending of Tomorrow either. But Maybe is good!
I am with Cecile Greard when she says "Annie should hold out those notes", but, who knows?  Maybe her Music Director told her to cut those off.  Maybe she was nervous.  She is obviously a very talented singer.  The rest of it is details.   
she's kind of fidgety, like she wasn't given any blocking and doesn't really know what to do with herself and is afraid to take any liberties, but good otherwise.


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