Looks like all the past orphans came back but Lilla!

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the reason why Lilla didn't come back is because she is filming for a Into the Woods.

Filming has wrapped. According to Lilla's twitter she's been out and about in NYC since early December.

Wow, already? That fast?

1 She was too busy
2 She liked being the only Annie and didn't want to see other castmates
I'm always curious where people here get their information from. Is it speculation or is this coming from social media or do either of you, Jon and Daniel, know Lilla or someone in the cast that gave you this information? If it's speculation, say so. If you have first or second hand knowledge, say it. Otherwise it's best to just keep it to yourself. And Daniel, that's a very odd and harsh comment to state that Lilla felt like she was better than everyone else. What do you have to support this?

I agree and wouldn't give much credence to it.  Even if it were true(I have no clue either way) we have to remember we are talking aboout children.

I never said it was true. Debby looked so curious so I just gave her options. I never believed it. Maybe she sat in the back row and did not come to the party. And also Jaidyn said she didn't come. But i dont really know becuase I wasn't there
Daniel, I'm starting to believe you're a child. How old are you? And when and how did Jaidyn presumably tell you this?
A child? No. I will say Im a teen though. Im 16. And Jaidyn did not tell me directly, she said on her ask fm. I know I know Im young and Im sorry for saying that about Lilla. She IS my favorite Annie

If you read my one post, the reason she didn't show up may be this simple.  She probably didn't want to steal Taylor's spotlight on closing night.  After all, Taylor is or was the current and only Annie on Broadway.  To me, it would seem improper for a former Annie to step into the current Annie's spotlight on closing night, unless Taylor actually invited her.  I believe this is the same reason Sadie never came out to sign autographs on closing day matinee.



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