Hi all! 

As I've mentioned before, Annie is coming to Brazil - it's the 1st professional production of Annie around here and I'm super excited to actually get to see the play! It'll open in August 30 and I'm already planning my trip to São Paulo so I can see it. 

So, the cast has started to be announced. They will be posting about the cast little by little in social media, and we only have Miss Hannigan and Oliver Warbucks so far. I'll let you know posting videos and photos as they announce - they did a nationwide search for Annie and the orphans, so I have high expectations.

Well, Oliver Warbucks will be played by Miguel Falabella, who is the director and producer. He's a very famous actor around here, being in several movies and tv shows. He's also been in many musicals, such as The Producers (link here - skip to 2 minutes so you can hear him sing if you like), Hairspray, The Addams Family and Wicked. 

Miss Hannigan will be played by Ingrid Guimarães, an actress known for her comedic skills. She's actually really funny, and I believe she's going to fit perfectly in the role. I've never heard her sing, so I had to look for some videos (link here - it's a clip from her most recent movie, where she played a mother that's very concerned about her daughter and stuff). She's not THE BEST, but I hope that she'll do well.  

Anyway, that's it for now - the sales for tickets start tomorrow and I'll be here to share information as they come. 

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So excited for you to see a professional production in your own country!

If you can please post videos of the Production! More son starting from the beginning of the show! I love seeing the scenery and such from the beginning. 


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