Take a number, lets show Julie just how many Annie fans actually check into the site on a regular basis.  I'll start with #1.  I check in every day, sometimes more, if there's an interesting discussion.

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Robyn, I wasn't necessarily asking about cast members, unless they had been a forum member. It's sad when we lose any member of our Annie family, especially a cast member.   I was just wondering if I passed, would anyone even notice that I stopped posting.  I know some people only post every so often and then are quiet for a long time, that's the reason I started this thread, to get everyone talking again, for everyone to sort of check-in.

Yeah I realise, I don't know if Sarah or Joy had been on the forums. I don't know of anybody on the forums no longer with us, but I thought I'd inform you of those two.

I understand where you're coming from with that, as people come and go all the time, like I said I was off for two years with illnesses and nobody really noticed. But then again I didn't post that often, and I wouldn't expect people to notice.  This discussion was a very good idea. I hope you're well. 

Many posters have stopped making comments for various reasons. Some never transferred to the new forum. Robyn, you had a different name- Robyn the Annie Girl, iirc? I noticed you were gone - sorry you were ill. I think people take note when regulars have gone for any period of time, but then, it's not really our business to ask why.

Yes that was me. When I remembered how often I'd been on here I came back, looked at my username and thought "Gosh, how cringeworthy!" :'D

Ah it's fine, still am recovering a little but for the most part surgeries are done and I'll probably be alright. I have moderate EDS so my bones are brittle and I'm very sore a lot, but the main thing is that it probably won't become severe and I can still perform and do shows! And of course talk to you lovely lot :)

Glad to see you're doing better Robyn.  My favorite quote is "I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet".  Things can always get worse, so be thankful for what life gives to us.  Like a candle, sadly as we age and we'll burn out.  My second favorite quote that I made up is this "  If it's my time to die, I shall go.  If it's my time to live, I shall live life to it's fullest."   I should have been dead four years ago but thanks to modern science, I'm still here.  So I plan on living to be 105 years young and head out to Hollywood to become a background actor in a few years.

Old Fan my friend, just how old are you?  What's that quote I don't quit remember that has to do about being as old as "dirt"?  I'm getting there myself.   Before I head out to California, I'm headed to Florida next year to work at Disney World.  Big parts of my bucket list.  My 16 year old grandson and I spent News Years Eve in Time Square last year and are headed back for Round 2 this year, another part of my bucket list.

I just go by Old Fan since I have been a fan since the show  opened at Goodspeed. So not all that old but everyone does have his/her problems regardless of age.

I like Emily Dickinson's "Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me."

Don't worry about our days being numbered and live your life because we all will go, one day.

If your mind is drawing a blank, check out this thread that Julie started when she created this new forum.  Thanks to Old Fan, I found it on his timeline.  Check out the names starting from September 30th, 2008.  Remember any of these Annie fans?

I enjoy reading about what the Annie orphans are up to. Best wishes for a quick recovery to Brooklyn Shuck (Annie, Matilda). Good luck to her on her next adventure (Beaches).


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