Take a number, lets show Julie just how many Annie fans actually check into the site on a regular basis.  I'll start with #1.  I check in every day, sometimes more, if there's an interesting discussion.

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#2 I check in every few days or more often, depending what I am doing.

#3 I try to check in everyday if I am not too busy

#4 I check the forum every day, sometimes several times if it's the weekend! :)

#5 I try to check in every day, if I'm not too busy, too. 

#6 I check in twice a day, once in the morning because with jetlag that's when I see the new posts made during the night (which is afternoon/evening for you guys) and once in the evening.

#7 I used to check in every day a couple of years ago but had an illness now I'm back and I check in every day if I can


Not every day, but I love to check in now and then:-).

#10 I check the forums nearly every day, sometimes several times in a day.

Hi gals & guys!  I imagine in the time span that Julie has had the web site up and running, that we've lost a few members that have passed from this place, to the big orphanage in the sky.  Does anyone know of such members, if so, I think we should honor them by including them too.

We sadly lost two Broadway orphans in 2005, Sarah Navin and Joy Merri, but Julie asks us out of respect not to enquire about their deaths, which is fair enough and I'm sure you wouldn't do x

Agree.Also Dana Dawson (summer stock tour) passed away August, 2010 after a battle with cancer. All very sad.

No way! Oh that's awful. She was only in her 30s I assume? All missed dearly <3


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