I just wanted to announce that I have a callback for Annie next week St the Moonlight Theatre in Vista Ca!!!! So, I wanted to asks those who love Annie...  What personality does your ideal/favorite Annie have?  If you have seen my videos on YouTube, how can I make my Annie better?  Felicity

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I am called back for Annie. It is the final cut so I hope. I have friends in the final cut so I will be happy either way. Annie is my favorite musical next to Wicked.
as long as your confident you will probaly be Annie.. I miss being in Annie ......
I miss being Annie also. It is my favorite role so far.  I guess it is a dream come true no matter what stage you get to play Annie on.  Just playing the part makes me happy.  I hope I get the chance again.
Confident and always optimistic. Either for you and Annie, I believe that's the main characteristic. And good luck, hope you do well!
Sad to announce I did not get cast. Happy for the girl who did!  Now I am free to go to NYC to audition!!!!
You did well to get that time, maybe in NYC you'll get it...that's a great attitude to be happy for the lucky girl who was selected. :)
Hope you succeed in NYC, Felicity! Good luck and congrats for the great job I bet you did.
Thank you.  I will be posting photos on my experience at  it is going to be fun no matter what because I will be part of the experience of Annie!
Thank you.  My mom said I didn't get it because it wasn't my turn.  Sometimes it is our turn and sometimes it is another persons turn so we have to be happy for them.  Opening weekend is the same weekend as the NYC open call and I wouldn't get to go if I was cast here.  It's my birthday to and who gets to audition for Annie on Broadway for their birthday?  It is going to be the best birthday ever!
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