A video of Brooklyn Shuck and the other tinytildas performing a four-girl naughty with a cute little interview at the end. Considering she's already left the show, it's great she got to perform. She sings second :)


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Am I wrong but ever since your show closed on Broadway Julie, Martin has totally miscast. There seems to be no pride of sticking with the ages of each orphan. Issie seems totally bored on the tv shows singing. I liked how the orphans had set colors: Tessie green dress etc. ugh I just don't get what he's done!

First off, I just want to say that Brooklyn is a very talented kid and what I have to say next is not a reflection on her, but rather on a directorial choice. I saw the show in Thanksgiving week last year with Brooklyn and actually found the accent REALLY hard to understand. It was like a strange mix of English, Irish and American. It actually made it very difficult to enjoy the show. I've never had that problem with kids in shows here in Australia (e.g. Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Love Never Dies, The King and I, etc.), so I hope that I'll like our production better when it comes down to Melbourne.

I love this! I think the tinytildas are my favorite... especially Brooklyn!

Fun accent comparison video.

I love that video- the quality is so good because they are actual professional recordings. I am sorry the original west end kids never got a recording.

I do find it a little hard to compare "accents" when you are talking about children who actually are British and are speaking in their normal manner.....with American girls who need to learn an accent for a part (including some who have been taught a non-existent British accent that keeps some American sounds). It is a shame because even with the new Matildas who are on the American tour - we still keep reading about how difficult it is to understand some of the children, which is sad because the watered down accent is not helping as much as they hoped.


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