A video of Brooklyn Shuck and the other tinytildas performing a four-girl naughty with a cute little interview at the end. Considering she's already left the show, it's great she got to perform. She sings second :)


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I guess when it comes to casting, you just never know.  It has changed a lot during the years,  so I believe they just cast the girls the directors think is best for the part, as long as they are under the height-limit. This time they happened to be 8-10 years old when they started their run on Broadway. Next time it might be the same ages, or different. In London there has been Matildas as old as 12-13, but they are usually 9-11 years old. 

I think they just happened to find really talented young people for this group..hence the nickname Tinytildas. Eliza and Fina were both only 8 when they started  - it was announced they were the youngest Matildas when they started  (though size wise, Tori is the smallest and oldest of this group, turning 10 a week after she opened...  and Fina though young had a growth spurt right after she got the role and has been the tallest Matilda so far)..

They are also the girls that have been on Broadway the longest and now there are only 3 of them since Brooklyn left for another show. The next group of four is rehearsing but not ready yet.

This isn't really related to Brooklyn, but this is my favourite group of Matilda's- the original west end girls: Sophia Kiely, Cleo Demetriou, Kerry Ingram and Eleanor Worthington- Cox.  I love this performance from the 2012 Oliviers!

Ha! Mine too. Especially Sophia.

They are truly amazing! I always find it hard to compare clips though, since they often are so different when it comes to circumstances around the event. It´s easier to be absolutely flawless when you have excellent sound systems and lightening, it´s harder to perform in a dry TV-studio or at a live event outside. It´s the same with many clips with Issie Swickle as Annie, at some performances, mostly in TV, the sound and the backtrack has been really bad, and that must have been extremely hard for her to perform with. She sound perfectly fine in clips when the backtrack is heard properly. Same with the Matildas in the Good Day New York-clip, with a more balanced sound they would have been even better, even if they are really good as it is. Personally I think the current London Matildas did a splendid performance at the Oliviers Covent Garden Piazza-event about a month ago. It´s outside, but the soundsystem is really good, and so are the Matildas, two of them were new in the role at this point.

Thanks Max =) I liked that, especially the last three girls. And I agree with you. It also must be different for all 4 Matildas to perform in synchrony when they are used to doing it solo.

Aww Anna-Louise is so tiny :) Yeah,  I think the current London cast is the second strongest group of Matilda's.

I saw the 3rd one (Violet Tucker) when I saw the show in London in October. She was fantastic!

Violet Tucker sang last- do you mean Matilda Shapland?

Oops, sorry I did mean Violet Tucker and she did sing last.

What I love about these Matilda girls is that they really act out the song and stay in character when they perform. If only the little girls who play Annie could do the same when they appear on TV. Most of the time, they seem bored singing "Tomorrow."

When it comes to Matilda I believe that staying in character is something the production find very important. All the actors in Matilda do that when they do songs/scenes from the musical at TV-stints or other event. I have also read somewhere that it is demanded from the Roald Dahl Family that the actors always are in character when doing public appearances, it doesn't matter where the event is held, the character is there:-). As when Hayley Canham was totally Matilda on a block besides a lectern at an conference/event for the Olympic Games:-).


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