A video of Brooklyn Shuck and the other tinytildas performing a four-girl naughty with a cute little interview at the end. Considering she's already left the show, it's great she got to perform. She sings second :)


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That was cute, but the English accents were not as pronounced as in previous cats. These girls seem very sweet and dedicated performers.The interview was nice, as well. Thanks for posting.

Yeah, I think they layed the accent down because apparently the audience had trouble understanding what they were saying. They are all so amazing though!

That is what I heard... apparently Americans can't understand British accents :)

I saw Bailey from the original Matilda cast. She was great, but was difficult to understand. The next time I saw it, I saw Gabby as Matilda and she was much easier to understand. She was from the second round of girls. They toned down the accents with them. A smart move.

I saw Sophia Gennusa of the original Broadway cast twice.  She was fantastic, and I didn't have any trouble understanding.  My third time, I saw Fina Strazza (the 3rd Matilda in the video above).  She was great, but I found the new accent distracting.  I had heard about the intended change, so I knew it was on purpose, but it just felt off.  I wonder what it sounds like to true Brits.

I haven't seen the show, just clips, but find it hard to believe people can't understand the accents- it's still English! I also wonder if the accents sound 'real' to British audience members.I like the show better with the accents, from what I've seen and heard of many American and British Matildas.

I agree.  I'm glad at least the Broadway cast recording has the old accents.

I just found these clips of Sophia's performance.  Still my favorite Broadway Matilda! :)

Being English myself, I guess I can judge that for you :)

The original English accent was actually really good. I mean, it was not perfect, but I remember watching Bailey Ryon's bootleg for the first time, not realising at the time that it was the Broadway show! Now, the new Broadway accent is a different story. The girls are all just as talented now, but there is really no 'British' in their voices, it just sounds like they are talking in their normal voices. That's not to say though that they are not all amazing actresses!

That's what I suspected.  With the amount of British actors, musicians, etc. in our popular culture, it honestly surprises me that so many Americans couldn't understand the original accents.  If any show could have benefited from toning down accents, I would say the Geordie accent in Billy Elliot was much more difficult to understand than Matilda was.  Even the Annie revival was sort of frustrating, and I'm a native New Yorker.  I saw no issues with Matilda until the revised accents, which distracted me in much the same way that Annie did.

Soooo cute! I've read somewhere that they toned down the accent on purpose to make it easier to understand. This is the first video I've seen with the "new" accent! A little weird, but I guess it works..

Wow... very cute but what a weak backing track they had to sing to... made it sound very unbalanced. Brooklyn was great

I was watching some Matilda videos and one had this cast, called the Tinytildas. They are a little younger and smaller than the original girls. Following the path of micro- Annies? I know Matilda is supposed to be five, but I wonder why the change ?


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