Brooklyn Shuck Leaving Matilda and Heading Back to Beaches

According to Brooklyn's facebook:

I have two weeks left at Crunchem Hall and then I head back to the Beach. I am the luckiest kid in the world to have had the chance to play my dream role of Matilda and to get to spend more time originating the roles of Little Bertie and Nina in Beaches!…/Shoshana-Bean-Whitney-Bashor…

Best wishes to Brooklyn!

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I was wondering if she would go back to Beaches when I saw it is heading to Broadway... good for her... she might have 3 Broadway credits before she turns 11

Is Nina the same as Victoria from the movie?

The Matilda girls don't stay too long in the role. Is it because the intense training and performing are too stressful? Brooklyn looks young enough to stay in the part for a year at least....or it's her personal choice ? I don't think Annie is as demanding a role, and some girls stayed in it for two years or more.

I think Brooklyn is leaving by choice as they have not announced a new cast of girls yet which they usually do.  Brooklyn has been with the Beaches project for a while and the show has a very good shot of going to Broadway.

The Matildas at Broadway have all had 9-months contracts and no extension. It seems like all the current Matildas are leaving in end of May-beginning of June, after they have finished their nine months. When the current Matildas started their run they announced them only about a week before they started performing so I guess  it will be about the same this time. On the other hand, they might change their habit, and start to extend contracts, like they do in the West End. West End-Matildas are usually contracted for 6 months, with the possibility to extend it with another 6 months if they are not getting to tall. 

This was the first time the US Matildas have not followed that pattern. After Brooklyn left at the end of the original contract, the three other girls extended in a three girl rotation for another which point Eliza left. So now there are two Matildas from the Tinytilda group who have been there longer than any other US Matilda so far. And only two "Nextildas" have been announced...instead of the usual four. One has gone on already a few times, the other should start shortly. No news yet on when the two remaining will finally leave...or who will be arriving.

I guess the pattern is that it is no pattern anymore:-). In London they have been changing Matildas in pairs recently. Like in march/april when Tasha Chapple and Lottie Sicilia left after 1 year in the role, Violet Tucker and Matilda continued for another 6 month-contract and Lara McDonnell and Anna Louise Knight started their first 6 months contract, which I guess can be extended with another 6 months if they don´t outgrow the role. But then there has been changes when 3 Matildas leave and one continues...

Also, the production has never really given that much notice about new girls starting or leaving, it´s the same in all the productions of Matilda so far. About a week notice is the most I believe, unless its a new production. So I guess there will be not much info until the new girls start.

I also wonder if they guaranteed her the role if it opens on Broadway...because to give up a leading Broadway role to go to Chicago for a pre-broadway run is a big sacrifice for her family

The Young Broadway web site has issued a correction. There is not a confirmed date for Brooklyn Shuck's last appearance as Matilda. Usually the Matilda performers (as mentioned in this forum) only stay for eight or nine months. Brooklyn's debut as Matilda (I think) was on August 31, 2014.

I am expecting that Issie Swickle will remain as Annie through the Hershey, PA tour stop (ends July 26). I think there will be a new Annie when season two of the tour kicks off. Annie is in Seattle late in September and then is in Los Angeles for most of October 2015.

I thought I read she got signed for another 6 months.

Where did you read that? If they did re sign Issie, then what happened with the auditions in New York on April 18? Supposedly, all the Orphans parts were available at the audition. I am also trying to figure out if Sydney Shuck and Adia Dant will still be with show when it arrives in San Francisco in early June. I have a distant friend who lives there; I have no idea if the friend likes theater.


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