Brooklyn Shuck Leaving Matilda and Heading Back to Beaches

According to Brooklyn's facebook:

I have two weeks left at Crunchem Hall and then I head back to the Beach. I am the luckiest kid in the world to have had the chance to play my dream role of Matilda and to get to spend more time originating the roles of Little Bertie and Nina in Beaches!…/Shoshana-Bean-Whitney-Bashor…

Best wishes to Brooklyn!

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I recently read in a Philadelphia on the web publication that as of the end of March 2015, Issie was signed through the end of November. I haven't heard anything else.

I read that Lilly Bea Ireland (Tessie) is on the Annie Tour through November 2015.

I would agree that Annie is not quite as demanding of a role, but I would be surprised if that's the reason. I think size would play a part although Brooklyn still appears quite small. I think they like the girls playing to role to be fresh in their part and not overly rehearsed. But who knows. Every Matilda I've seen has been excellent in the role. I'm always so amazed by the talent out there!

Cute picture from Brooklyn's twitter to celebrate her opening night of Beaches!


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