It was announced she is joining the Broadway run of Tuck Everlasting.... not sure if she is a swing or there is another kid role?

Did her TV Land show not go through?  She is just moving from project to project... very successful!  The girl tapped to play Winnie seems a little old for the part, so I would not be surprised to see Brooklyn take over after a few months... she has great vocal chops

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That is great for Brooklyn, but what about Sadie Sink returning to Tuck for Broadway?  She was in it somewhere at one point.

She is too old... she was going to take it to Broadway until the date was pushed back a year

OT but here is Sadie, from a while back, singing everlasting.

The girl taking the show to Broadway is singing it here:

It's a shame that it's closing so early as it's such a beautiful show. Sarah is incredible as Winnie too - hopefully she'll be back in Broadway soon! 


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