Brooklyn Shuck cast in Les Miserables on Broadway

According to a recent Instagram post, Brooklyn has been cast in the Broadway production of "Les Miserables" as the little girl and understudy for Young Cosette and Young Eponine.

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Wow! She is never out of work long.  I wonder if they promised her a Young Cassette role when another kids contract is up... as much as I realize any Broadway role is amazing... it almost seems too small for her. 

I bet she would make a great Small Allison in Fun Home-she would have to change her hair color though :)

Les Miserables is closing september 4th, so I guess all the kids have contracts til then, if they don´t outgrow the role or something else (like moving on to another role/show) comes up.

I wonder how tall she is? She still seems small, so at this point, she might not be tall enough to play Small Allison.

Is there a height requirement for Small Allison?

Aren't some Young Cosettes and Eponines around 8 or 9 ?  I imagine Brooklyn would move into an opening there unless a whole other role came along. Imagine how much dialogues/score she is learning as U/S's!

Les Miserables closes September 4, 2016, on Broadway. The revival might go on tour at some point in the future.


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