Well we knew Brooklyn is going to be in beaches this summer but I just saw a recent post with her sister and Presley Ryan(another annie) holding their scripts. I am wondering if Raleigh understudy them all since I look at post that Brooklyn did a while ago and couldn't find Raleigh name in there or if she was castes after they announce. Who knows but that is awesome to ha e sisters being in same show. Congrats to both.

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Awww.  Maybe Raleigh is playing the daughter of the adult version of Brooklyn. 

It also said that Brooklyn is playing the young Victoria but also a character named Niña... any idea who that is?

Nina is Brooklyn first character daughter and If Raleigh was playing Nina she would of been mention at least

I am curious about who the character Niña is... I know who Bertie is... but I don't remember another child role besides Ceecee, Bertie, and Bertie's daugher

The characters in the movie and the original book are different. Nina is the same character as Victoria ..the daughter of Bertie (who in the movie is Hillary). Only Cee Cee has the same name. Originally Brooklyn played both young Bertie and then her daughter Nina..

It's possible that rather than double up, Raleigh may be playing young Bertie (who first meets CeeCee) and then Brooklyn will be NIna is the bigger part. But as I said, that's just my guess - no idea for sure. She is probably also the standby for both kids..

Thanks!  I know Brooklyn played Bertie in VA/DC.  In her posts she mentioned both characters.  I am surprised that Nina is a bigger part than Young Bertie though...I also think Brooklyn would make a great young Ceecee

If I remember, it's a bigger role in the movie. The young CeeCee and young Hilary are just on for a short time in the beginning..but the daughter shows up for a longer period of storyline towards the end. But maybe Raleigh is the standby/understudy. You need one of those at least and she could probably do either role if she had to..she has some voice too. That family can sing!!

I don't see her name announced in the casting either, but Raleigh is definitely in the show.  The script has her name on it and her father mentioned both girls doing Beaches on his facebook page.  I would guess she's a swing or maybe a last minute casting, and that's why it wasn't announced.

Really cool though!  I'm glad the girls can enjoy this time together!  What a talented, busy family!

No she played Bertie and someone else played Nina last time


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