As usual, I'm searching the internet for some nice Annie stuff, when I stumbled upon these posts on tumblr.

Does anyone know if there was an actual recording of Annie 2?

Anyway, enjoy! :)

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Yes there is. I have the CD. I don't remember which Annie CD it came with though. I'd have to look for it and I am too lazy right now :p

There was no 'official' recording of A2:MHR.  This is a soundboard recording from the Kennedy Center Run.  Soundboard is where all the microphones are mixed and sent through the PA system (correct me if I'm wrong).  That's why it sounds crystal clear. 

The 30th Anniversary recording did have songs from A2 but that is a completely different recording (and different songs) than what this is

I however do not think Dorothy sounds like she thinks the song is stupid.  I doubt she was the type of performer to let her frustrations/feelings come thru on stage during her performance.  She was the star of this production.

Yeah, that makes sense actually. Listening to them again, you can hear the audience clapping . The qualiy is great though!

As much as I love my bootleg of Annie 2...even I laughed out loud when I first heard You, You You....probably the worst lyrics every for a song.  It works much better as Above the Law in Annie Warbucks.


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