Are there any "first draft" versions of Andrea singing Tomorrow?

Does anybody know if there are any first draft versions of Andrea singing Tomorrow? I was rather disappointed when I purchased the album and discovered that the track entitled "First Draft-Tomorrow" was just Martin Charnin singing, even though the credits for the song were "Andrea McArdle, Martin Charnin". It would just be fun to hear an early version of Tomorrow sung by Andrea. Thanks!

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I don't know for sure but I'd gather not because Kristen Vigard was Annie when the show was going through the majority of the changes. I'm guessing by the time Andrea took over, "Tomorrow" was already in its finished state.
I felt the same way. I was disappointed to hear that it wasn't Andrea sing "Tomorrow" on the CD.
If you look at this video, starting at 6:48, you will at least hear what Tomorrow sounded like even before it was Tomorrow:
Wow, that was cool. Thanks, Cecile.
I just edited the video and added it to this site. Hope you all enjoy it.
I have the Goodspeed edition of her singing tomorrow. That was the run prior to the Kennedy Center pre-bway tryout.
Are you sure it's Andrea, or is it Kristen? Cuz Julie put up a sound clip of Kristen singing Tomorrow, that had been previously listed as Andrea singing on the original website. But if it's a different clip altogether, I'd love to hear it :)


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