I was born a loooong time after that movie was made, and it's not on DVD, and VHS tapes of it are very rare. Has anybody here seen it? Did you like it? How was Andrea in the role? Also, are there any chances of it being released to DVD, maybe as a kind of Anniversary Special or something?

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Cool, thanks!
As long as you weren't looking for a Judy Garland clone, you would love it. I was not a Judy fan but an Andrea fan so this movie was heaven. Andrea was remarkable in it. I use to check the record stores as a kid looking for a motion picture soundtrack from the movie but they never made one. So, I just had to wear out my VHS of it. I wish they would release it on dvd. They put so much junk out on dvd anyway. Why not a great movie like Rainbow. All of the other actors were great too. In my opinion Andrea was amazing.
I saw it a few years ago after I met Andrea for the first time.
I got it from my library, they have a lot of older, rare movies.
I don't remember specifics, but I loved Andrea in the role and
the songs were wonderful. I still sing the songs from the movie
at voice recitals and things like that. I would love for it to be
released on DVD because I'd watch it 24/7. =]
I have this movie on video and I got her to sign it for me after I saw her in "Vagina Monologues" in NYC (it was weird hearing Annie talk about her vagina) Anyway, the best parts of the movie are when Andrea sings, otherwise the movie is only ok and looks like it was made on a really low budget. Also, and some people will hate me for this, I didn't think her acting was that great! I just think she always looks half asleep to me. But it is fun to watch if you love all things Andrea.
I have the movie and will upload it, at some point. It is a 2-hour TV movie, so I will either have to do it in pieces or just do her scenes. Any preferences?
Probably just her scenes as it seems that's what people would be more interested in and it probably means less work for you.
Ooh, that'd be awesome if you could upload the movie. It doesn't really matter how you do it, whichever way is easier for you :)
Claire - I too have the movie on VHS... I think I played it so many times since it was released though - that it is on the fritz. lol - I'm glad Julie can put it up for you. I have always liked "Rainbow". I only wish they would have expanded the story just a bit more. I wish they'd put it on DVD.
I also have a few copies on VHS. I don't watch it very often for fear of wearing it out. I don't know how long VHS tapes last.
Anyway, I loved the movie as a kid and still enjoy it. I still have the audio tapes I made of the songs. I used to listen to it with my foot-long tape recorder LOL and later, in the mid-80s, with my Walkman. And yes, I made the tape by putting the tape recorder up to the television set and pressing "play" whenever a song was performed.
Believe it or not, the tape is still in great condition :)
Since Judy Garland was so darn depressed I thought Andrea portrayed the role brilliantly; very mellow, very unhappy and not really wanting to be singing.
I had no idea Judy Garland was depressed at that age, I thought she loved singing when she was young.
Not considered very attractive? What the heck? She was really pretty (and so was Andrea).
I agree, but read this for details, very sad....

and I did read that comment about Andrea but of course it was quite a while ago so i don't remember where, probably in TV Guide. I think Andrea is ow a stunning woman, and I liked Judy's look in a way too. Honestly, her life was so sad....


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