I think she looks gorgeous.


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hehe, i am by NO means a photoshop expert, that was done with a very simple program I found online.

it was the best I could manage :P

If you notice you can see her long curly hair below the short hair, if i had erased it, it would have erased part of her .

I think a lot of people are adopting the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality without taking the fact that Annie 20th flopped into consideration. With community theaters all over the country reproducing the original's choreography, direction, and costumes, why in the world would people pay $150 a ticket to see a slightly shinier version? They won't. This production has generated a lot of buzz because it is a new version. I'm not saying that you have to agree with the changes, but there aren't that many die hard Annie fans out there who are missing Annie's short hair, or original Smile choreography. The producers did a very smart thing in hiring a director who would re-imagine this show.  The story and the music is the same. The families who bring their kids to see "Annie" will be satisfied with that, and members of the theatre community are curious about this new version of a beloved classic--so they are buying tickets. 

And on a lighthearted note, with the traditional Annie hair, Warbuck's staff hair dresser works some serious magic while gussying Annie up.  The length that they cut the actresses' hair to would never be able to be curled in that way. It's too short. 

Just put in 'Lilla Crawford' into youtube and look for the video with a black screen as it's just audio.

Thank you for the link

Here's something interesting for those like me that disagree with Sally: I was just pointed to on the left go to broadway discussions, then find Annie in previews. Go to page 12. There is someone by the name of thegreatwhiteway who has really torn into the understudy and coincidentally likes to cap certain words. They however have seen the show, so it can't possibly be Sally, right? So Sally, time to explain yourself.
Sally. You stated in this post that you have not seen the show yet, however, your post from October 15th in which you discussed detailed changes in the show, you stated that you had seen the show twice already. If my memory serves, you also made inappropriate and rude comments about Emily who plays Molly in that post that were later removed by Julie. So please do not pretend you have no agenda here.

Wow...I didn't even realize that was the same person.  Looks like someone is just trying to stir up some trouble.

My agenda is simple, to see the show without any understudies. But I will check out that other site, I didn't know there was another like this. Is it better?

Here is what Sally wrote this week (thanks New Fan for the investigative research):
Permalink Reply by SallyHavock yesterday
I have not seen it yet, my reply does not say I did. I WILL make sure I am seeing the girl that was actually cast in the role and not the "faux" fill inno matter how gifted you happen to "know" that they are. I will NOT buy my ticket to see an understudy in the title role- kid or adult. It is impossible for any understudy to duplicate the actually lead. This cast has one ANNIE not more than one.

Now here is what she wrote over a week ago:
Any thoughts on the NEW changes?
Posted by SallyHavock on October 15, 2012 at 8:57pm in All Discussions

All new dance numbers, I just saw it tonight for the 2nd time. I love the new Hard Knock Life number, and the new Easy Street number!! My favorite part of Easy Street is the car! Lilla is STILL amazing but the ending number falls flat, she just plays the air drums during New Deal For Christmas, which is weird. Why does Molly have a tap solo and not Annie? I also noticed most of of the funniest lines have been cut, Tessie no longer speaks in Korean, and and she no longer comes out with the gas mask which was so funny, and almost all of Katie F.'s parts have been watered down. I am not sure but Katie's wig doesn't look as good, maybe a different one? Anyone else notice?

What the heck is going on Sally? Why would you say you saw it twice and then state you have never seen it? Why would you make it such a point to tear down the understudy as well as Molly (Sally's remark was so inappropriate it was removed, something to do with Molly's dancing looking like a medical issue). I find it so sad that you would be so spiteful toward little girls with the sole purpose to advance some agenda. If others agree with me, please respond. Those like Sally should not have a voice here.

I agree. She is beautiful no doubt, but Annie has GOT to have the straight bob haircut and then the short curly hair.   In my opinion, the right look is so, so important to the show!

Thank you Dina! I agree.LOL

As far as I am concerned, the hair doesn't matter as much as the characterization. Every picture I've seen, there's no mistaking what character Lilly is playing; and I've heard nothing but good about how she plays her. I hope we'll get to see her "in action" some on Saturday night's special - I know the focus is the dog, but, c'mon, surely they'll give us a glimpse of Annie and Sandy together!


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