I think she looks gorgeous.


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Sally, I have to agree with everyone else on this. An understudy is in no way inferior to the person cast in the role. In fact, the reason they are the understudy (and usually also play another role in the show) is because they are more than capable of playing the role at a moment's notice. If you've ever done theatre, you would know how challenging it is to be an understudy. Taylor and Jaidyn will both have constant rehearsals, in addition to performing 8 shows a week and going to school. Jaidyn has played the role here in California, so she's more than ready to step in at a moment's notice. I have no doubt that both girls can sing the role as well as Lilla. I am never disappointed when understudies go on. 

Sorry, maybe I would believe the same as you do if they gave out Tony's to understudies. Stage Mom is right, It's strange that you feel you have to lecture about understudies. you are not very neutral. And I never used the word inferior in my comments, you used that word. I said they can't exactly duplicate the lead. Of course understudies have talent, they are on Broadway. It is hard to get to a Broadway stage.  Everyone on Broadway is uber talented. I didn't think is was important to state the obvious. Understudies move on to other shows to be cast as the leads all the time, and in that next show I would prefer to only see them not their understudy. I would be excited to go see Taylor and Jaidyn and any other former understudy in a show where they are cast as a lead and I would be disappointed if they were out sick! It is just what I like, to see the show how the director intended it to be. I am surprized and happy that my little comment started such a big discussion to even include you. Thank you for joining in!     Any chance you have an inside scoop to the possible schedule? 

I saw the first preview (Lilla as Annie), then went back on the 13th to see the changes that were made. It was Taylor's first time on as Annie, and Jaidyn's Broadway debut. If it makes you feel any better, I was sitting in the rear mezzanine for Taylor's performance, and I didn't realize she was on for Annie until right before "Tomorrow" (her accent when speaking to Sandy sounded a little off from how I remembered Lilla). It wasn't until I looked in my playbill right before the song started that I even knew Taylor was playing Annie.

First off...there are child labor laws so you virtually NEVER see a kid this young perform 8 shows a week.  The producers know this and therefore cast appropriately an understudy that is perfectly capable of playing the role.  They rehearse constantly so are not unprepared.  It isn't as if only one kid in all America was good enough for the role.  I bet some will feel Taylor fits the role better (not saying Lilla isn't great).  I saw an understudy for Jean Val Jean on broadway and he was FANTASTIC. That is one of the toughest male roles out there. 


I bet Taylor is great.  She looks the part, is apparently a great singer, and I would assume a talented actress. 


Lilla is far to young to be performing 8 shows a week.  Annie is a challenging role on the vocal chords

Who else played Annie when Andrea had the role?

Back then child labor laws were not nearly as strict.  Society needs to protect a kids right to a childhood.  They are already working too hard.  Eight shows a week is insane

I agree

I am with that nay-sayers.  I don't like the new look either.  I think I read someone where that the new guy wanted to "throw out the old and bring in the new", but you don't mess with somethings:  1) the Statue of Liberty 2) the American Flag 3) Annie.

Just saying

She looks really really cute, but yeah, it's kinda strange to see this whole new look. But I liked it.

It sounds so stupid but I would run to see the show if she had the old hair and red dress. I just feel as awesome an Annie she is, I will leave feeling frustrated. I don't mind any of the other changes with the NY tawk but the hair and the iconic dress being altered makes it not Annie for me. Thanks for posting the pic.

I love the edit Jenny!!  Not sure which way I like it better. 

Great editing! But I would put Lilla's hair just a little more shorter. Lilla's hair looks very neat. I prefer an Annie with a more tomboy hairstyle.


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