I think she looks gorgeous.


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Cute! Thanks.

I agree.  She is beautiful.


She doesn't look like "Annie". My only irk about this whole production is the hair and the dress. I guess I'm just too purist. I think she's great though.

I happen to agree. But she does look lovely

She looks like a member of "Hair" not "Annie". LOL

She is a beautiful little girl. I just realized something, did they dye her eyebrows, or just color them with eye pencil?

I was wondering about her eyebrows too.  Looks like they dyed them.  For some reason, I think she looks more like a Young Cosette than Annie.  However, sounds like she's really nailing the part!  Good for her!


Isn't she wearing a wig?  If her hair isn't dyed then I doubt they dyed her eyebrows

Good point!  Maybe they penciled over them then.

 I miss the old hair.

Gosh she is gorgeous

Love this picture. I think she looks amazing.  Can't wait to catch a clip of her voice!


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