Hi, my name is Mike. I am an Annie-cat from way back. Annie was my first Broadway show (as an audience member, certainly not as an orphan). It was April of 1979 at the Alvin. Here are my orphan credentials.

Annie – Sarah Jessica Parker
July – Jodi Ford
Kate – Karen Schleiffer
Tessie – Kim Fedena
Mollie – Jennine Bobo
Pepper – Penny Marie Cheney
Duffy – Randall Anne Brooks

I joined to share this photo with you. As you may know, the New York Mets have had a rotten season. As any Mets fan will tell you, it isn’t easy to be a Mets fan. So I made up a joke: I say, “Did you know that Little Orphan Annie was a Mets fan?” Someone says, “Really?” And I say, “Yes, that’s where the Hard Knock Life song comes from.”

It’s a marginally funny joke. But a few weeks ago I was at Citi Field watching a game, when my friend said, “Look, there’s Annie.” I looked up to see the woman in the attached photo enter and sit down.

Why any orphan would wanna be a Mets fan I’ll never know.

Kind regards,

P.S. I wrote a parody on the HKL for Mets fans. I'll post it if anyone is interested. It contains a bad word, however. Just the Sh word, but perhaps that is too vulgar for this site. After all Annie is a family show.

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