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Geez, forgot mini-Annie Allison Smith, one of the best!

Jeff: re your comments blow. I hope you don't get hate! This is an opinion board. I do disagree with you on some points, but then I didn't see the revival. The clip of the orphans-as-mops- I thought was silly. But there's room for both old and new and opinions on either.I do agree that the staircase scene they have shown from the new tour looks a bit lame. But in most productions, it's kind of a grand entrance for the gussied -up cartoon look-alike Annie.

oops, that's' below' ( or next page) not 'blow!'

I actually like the looking to the side.  This was a lot better than they TV performance... she is still a little young for the part IMO, but believable in the role

I thought she was randomly looking offstage for some reason.

lol could be!

I thought it looked like an actor falling out of character, myself.

I'm gonna get hate for this but, I liked the staging of HKL from the 2012-2013 Broadway revival better than the traditional staging.  Don't get me wrong, I first saw Annie on Broadway in April of 1981 (I think Allison was Annie then, my program has disappeared years ago) and I've seen a couple tours with the traditional staging and really liked them.  But the recent Broadway revival re-energized the song for me.  I loved the mopping of the floors with the orphans and most of the folks around me were just laughing at that little bit of business.  The orphans had more to do in that staging of the song. 

The video clip of the tour staging of HKL just seems so static and when the girls pick up the buckets and move them in the air and set them back down my thought was "well that was pointless". 

I think seeing the Broadway revival (and my subsequent viewing of the PBS documentary about the staging for the revival and the clips on YouTube) just made me really enjoy the change and makes it hard for me to go back to the old way.

PS.  One thing I really wish they would drop from Martin's productions is the bit at the start of I Don't Need Anything But You when Annie does the high kicks going down the stairs.  It always struck me as an odd thing to do and it slows down the energy of the song.  I was glad when the Broadway revival dropped it.

I think the original choreography is more of a dance, and the revival stuff is meant to look more natural... kids just goofing off

Saw show yesterday and Hard Knock was great!

How was Issie as Annie?

I was getting to like Issie as Annie and this video kinda spoilt it. Her voice doesn't sound as natural as it should and I don't really like the new 'hang on' movement. 

If you look at the cast list page for the 2nd National Tour you will see that Michele Decuir who also played Molly had curly hair so this is not the first time they've had a Molly with curly hair.


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