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Honestly, I think she is too young to play the part. I dunno, she just doesn't seem like "Annie" to me. That is no knock on her talent. I think when the girl playing Annie is even a little bit older she has more to draw from. Of course, it all may be directing choices made my Martin. The one thing i hate hate hate is that arm thing on "hang on".

For me Lila is a hard act to follow.  I never got to see Taylor or Sadie or Jaidyn in the role of Annie, but I did see Lila both times I saw the revival on Broadway and she just had a "mini-Ethel Merman" style belt that gives me chills. I listen to the revival cast album in my car quite often and I just adore all of the singers.

I especially like the orchestrations from the recent revival. The ones I hear in the video are probably the original but my preference is for the revival. 

Thanks to the person who pointed out the unauthorized video of the entire revival performance I was able to relive the experience and realized how much I really like the revival version and just how good an actress Lila was as Annie. 

I've seen quite a few Annies and I agree that Lila was wonderful in the role. She's definitely a triple threat and had the right mix of maturity and innocence. Another Annie I really liked a lot in acting and singing both was Marissa O'Donnell. 

Marissa was one of my favorite Annies. She had a strong voice and a charm to her. The main quality I look for in Annie is a powerful voice. Lila definitely carried the role like a true pro. I'm a little disappointed with this tour's casting. From the clips.

Would you mind sharing the link? I was never able to see the revival and would love to!

Yep!! Here is the link I found a couple of months ago!!!

I didn't care for that arm movement either but what really bugged me was her looking sideways. But all in all, I found it a good, honest performance and was pleasantly surprised.

She didn't look sideways at all during the show.

Me too, the looking sideways.

I liked both songs. I think they changed that arm movement from a sideways one to this fist motion and I also prefer the old one. The looking from side to side may be a new direction to indicate Annie is looking for something hopeful in tomorrow, somewhere? Just a guess? I  find Issie believable in the role, and better than small/young Annies such as Brittny K, Amanda B, as well as some bigger girls like Madison, and others from the old tours.Kristi Coombs is an example of a wonderful small Annie IMO. I did not see the revival but am kind of old-school re: Annie so am not really a Lilla fan.I think the girls are still getting used to their costumes and choreography- I noticed some awkwardness with the buckets and tugging on clothing. Those things should straighten out soon.( But I still think Molly is too tall!)

It seems to me that she was looking for something to happen to her left.  When it didn't happen, she immediately looked to the right.  She could have been looking for a cop to chase her since the backdrop in the scene is the outside backdrop of the bridge.  Unless someone has seen this part in the tour, you don't exactly know what's suppose to happen.  I replayed the video and as she starts to sing, she also takes a quick sideways look to the left, as if someone is or is not there off stage and then later looks to the right to see if they're there before leaving the stage.  Maybe she was looking for Sandy's trainer?

Yes, Molly looks too tall and I wish her hair was longer. The short curly hair should be saved for Annie at the end.


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