Lillybea is performing as Annie I believe this week. Strange as Tori has been out as Annie for I believe at least week. Amanda has gone on as Annie.  Not sure why they are bringing in Lillybea as Jacqueline is noted on the website as Annie understudy.....

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Hmmm she's still playing Annie today. 4th week...Julie Stevens? Any update on what's going on on tour?

I agree. It will be interesting who goes on tonight.  I'm not sure why Tori would be gone for 3 weeks just pretty much starting in the role?

It does seem strange that Tori's been out for a while but I'm sure there's a perfectly normal explanation for it. Maybe she's just been feeling ill lately? She commented on a social media post that she will be back soon so hopefully everything is OK

Where are you following who is playing Annie? I haven't been in the loop lately.

In my case, mostly from the orphans' Instagram accounts.


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