Lillybea is performing as Annie I believe this week. Strange as Tori has been out as Annie for I believe at least week. Amanda has gone on as Annie.  Not sure why they are bringing in Lillybea as Jacqueline is noted on the website as Annie understudy.....

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I find this strange as well, but Lillybea was brought back for the Asia tour along with Angie. I'm more interested in the costuming aspect of it, since Lillybea seems to be taller than most or all of the orphans from what I've seen in pictures. When I saw the show, I noted how this years's orphans were all quite petite and closer in height range than the past tours, say the 2009 tour with Ivy Moody as Pepper or the second year of this tour with Molly as Pepper.

I was wondering the same thing. I wonder if this is a repeat of the Tiana Stevens thing that happened, where Madison Kerth was promoted, but Amanda Balon was also brought in briefly. 

I am indeed surprised Lillybea was brought in as she seems to be getting kinda tall. They must like her and her family. Guessing they're easy to work with, hence she was also brought back for Asia. I believe she has also still not gone back to regular school since the tour. Also makes it easier to pull her back in for a week. 

I hope it's not a repeat of what happened with Tiana. I saw Tori and absolutely loved her as Annie. Having the first Biracial Annie in a professional production brought me to tears when I found out the news and when I saw her live as a biracial woman myself.
I thought that something was up with the role of Annie when I saw the musical in Fort Woth Texas because Tori came out and she had been wearing a wig during the show and they usually have the girls that play Annie cut and dye their hair. So I wonder if that was Tori's last stop as Annie.
If you saw the tour in Fort Worth then you didn't see Tori at all. Amanda Swickle played Annie the entire week in Fort Worth.
When I saw the show in Chicago, she had her hair cut and dyed this shade of deep red. Her hair looked beautiful. On Lillybea's instagram page, it says she's playing Annie and Pepper on the 2017 Broadway tour of Annie, but this could just be for this week because a post on her instagram says she is done on Sunday.
When did you see the show?
Opening week in Chicago, so it was a while ago.
Amanda has gone on for he last three weeks....hmmmmm
Wow. I had no idea she'd been going on for Annie that long.
They also have a press release on Facebook that she will be playing Annie on Feb 26th when it place in Jericho. Strange.

I believe that Jericho is Amanda's hometown. I would guess thats the reason for the press release. Wether Tori is back by then or not it isn't surprising that they'd let her play Annie that night. 


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