Annie will close on January 5th at the Palace Theatre :( they announced it today on Facebook

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Omg that just so sad :( wondering if tour will go on since it will probably be like 7 months till it launches wondering why they are closing it early

It will have run for a year--that is typical for most revivals (Chicago excluded). I doubt that they expected it to run much longer.

I p.m. The Annie the musical people ns and they said that they are still planning on going on tour.

The producers will more than likely use the Broadway set and costumes for the tour in order to save money.  If The production were making money they certainly wouldn't close it I don't think.

It will probably tour for two years and every Community Theatre Company in the continental United States will be prohibited from producing it until 2015!  

I think you will survive Jamey

I am actually very sad to see this production close. I have seen it three times and now that it's closing I plan on seeing the final performance. This was a beautiful production of "Annie" that got too much flack for being new. I posted this on another thread awhile ago but with the show closing, I want to say it again:

I love the original but this ANNIE is for a new generation. I wasn't around when the original came out, so I have nothing to compare it to. I saw no touring productions and just grew up performing in the show twice. My first encounter with a real Annie was when I watched the 1999 TV movie which I love and still love (much more than the 1982 film even though I still liked it). I bought all the CD's out there: Original Broadway, Original Movie, TV Movie and 30th Anniversary Cast and loved every single one of them. 

But this new production is my first time seeing a stage production of Annie and for me, this is my Annie. Those who grew up in the 70's and 80's had the original Annie and the movie Annie. My generation grew up watching the TV movie (some the 1997 revival) and now the new Broadway revival. The Broadway revival is also for another generation of fans. For them, this is their Annie. This production is wonderful and while I do have some gripes with it (pretty much just the accents, but I got used to them), this is the production that I fell in love with and am so happy to have the recording to have it preserved.

I know some people didn't like the production because of it being entirely different than the original, but for me (and many other people I know), this new Annie is the Annie for me since this is the one I will be growing up with.

And yes, I will be there at the final performance :)

So will I Alex, I purchased my ticket yesterday.  Wonder who'll be playing Annie?  Probably Taylor don't you think, since they seem to be pushing her.  Sadie will probably get the afternoon matinee tho, to bad I won't be able to see both shows.

This makes me so sad to hear. I saw the show on July 30, which happened to be the first show since Lilla Crawford left the role of Annie, and Taylor Richardson was playing the role that night for the first time as the principal actress rather than Lilla's understudy.

For me, too, this was the first theatrical production of "Annie" I had ever seen, having only seen the TV movie version when I was 8, and I went to see the show with few preconceived notions, and I'm glad, because I thought it was truly the best theatrical production of any show I'd ever seen, Broadway or otherwise.

For me, "Annie" has that rare combination of a heartwarming and compelling story and songs that not only fit perfectly into the context of the scenes, but can stand on their own outside the musical, as is evidenced by the ubiquity of such songs as "Tomorrow" and "It's the Hard-Knock Life" in American popular culture. Compared to many musicals that open these days where I find the music barely tolerable even within the context of the show, let alone outside of it, that is truly a feat.

I realize I'm preaching to the choir here, but I am just sad to see that the show is closing on Broadway when so many other shows that I don't consider to hold a candle to "Annie" keep running interminably. I can only commend the producers and the cast for doing such a wonderful job on this revival, and I will definitely be making a trip to New York again at least once before January 5 to see the show again!

revivals rarely last much longer than a year


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