I auditioned for a local production of Annie (actually it was the callbacks) last Tuesday.  It was me, another old man and 8 girls.  they were all vying for the role of Annie.  He and I were called back for Warbucks.  Of course, we read the locket scene.  Even through I have done that show 4 times before, I found myself getting chocked up on the "Annie, it will be all right!  I will find them; I will find your parents for you!" line. 


I had to e-mail the director and say that I could no longer be considered because I found out I got cast as Grampa Joe in another company's production of Willie Wonka, but I don't think I have ever been effected quite as much by any role in any other show as I have been in this one.  God bless you Messers, Meehan, Strouse and Charnin

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Congrats on Grampa Joe, Jamey!!!


I know exactly how you feel...... being on the other end of that locket twice in my life :)

and I agree on the blessings to those three!!!!


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