I don't know why, but I just feel like bringing this up. Every time my director for a musical I'm in tells us to make our own pose for the end of a song, I always thing of a pose from Annie and try to use it. I can't get Annie off of my mind! HAH. Does that ever happen to you guys? By the way, I'll post a cool vid from an Annie production below just to give this discussion more fun.

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Believe it or not but the description on youtube says that the Annie in this video had whooping cough but nobody knew until after the performance.
?? For real???? I am soo proud of her! She did so great! Now THATS  a true performer...

awww I was quite enjoying this. I forgot the reason for the post.

I wish I could sing like that without being sick!

How old is this Annie she looks on the younger side? The is wonderful

Here is the clip of her singing tomorrow. She reminds me of Louanne here the first time I saw her when she was nine. Super cute.

Whoa was she sick? She's fantastic!
Agreed!! And very cute to!!!


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