Found some nice Annie on Tour stuff, whilst searching the internet.

Here are some nice photos of the show:

And some videos of Issie: (How Issie  became Annie) (Tomorrow)

Enjoy! :)

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These are great!! Thanks for sharing :)

Those backdrops are incredible!

Agreed!! It's amazing what can be created out of good ol' scrims and flats

I love the pictures and video clips. Issie touches the hearts of all people. 

Those are great! Thanks!

Wow, those backgrounds are really good!

Martin Charnin seems to really prefer tiny Annies. Issie reminds me a lot of Amanda Balon.  Interesting that Brooklyn Shucks was up for Annie... she has a great belt but is a few years older

I remember Amanda Balon.  She was so good. I never got to see her though, but I hear a lot of good things about Amanda. 


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