This is totally random, but last week I went to my local grocery store (Schnucks) for a few items.  For the past year I have been bring my own bags, but this time since I just went in for a few things, I had left them at home and got a paper bag.  The paper bag I was given had an ad on it for the "Foster Care and Adoptive Care Coalition" in the St. Louis area.  And I swear the last faceless drawing on the bag looks like Annie!  Red curly hair and red dress....I got a good laugh at it.  And I thought you all might as well.


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It IS Annie, pre-Daddy Warbucks then!
Haha! Annie is the most famous orphan ever :)
i love it!
That looks like a case for copyright infringement to me. I heard a story that there was a guy named Eugene Tajien (or something to that effect) that he named "E. T.'s", which was in his rights, but when he painted E.T. on the side of the building, he got a letter from the Speilburg people saying "Mr. Spielberg doens't want to own a drycleaner. Take that down or he will!"
No, I don't think it is really meant to be Annie- I think it's supposed to be a fostering adult by the height. Also it is not exactly like any Annie TM- no eyes , different shoes etc....but it sure looks like her!! But I don't think it is any case of copyright infringement. IMO.
I like the idea that it's an adult Annie fostering orphan children...
it looks like its suuposed to be a Granny to me


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