Some people were asking me if  iknew the language. I didnt so I knew some one ( including me) who wrote as comments if they can add the entire 1st scene but they don't understand english. So, I was wondering if someone could help us out and ask this person(  who uploaded the video) if they can put the entire 1st scene. It seems like a good production!

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It says it's a "malformed video" when I press the link !
let me try again , Hopefully, it works ;)

Heres's another one:


I think it's in Norway if I'm not wrong.

Considering that both times that video was posted, it was by Norwegian people and that it's a the same theatre as this Norwegian production:, I'd say yes, It's 99% sure it's in Norway.

Also, I knew I'd already seen that video before, it was posted by Katarina here:

I copeid some of the text that other people commented about the video from youtube.  Google Translate sayt that it is Norwegian. 
oh,thank you. now im going try to ask them to upload another video.. :)

I'm Norwegian and live in Norway, and YES this is Norwegian :)


It's a performing arts and ballett school that's putting it up, and it opens in 2 days! I wish I could see it, but it's not in my city... The Annie's good!


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