I still am having trouble finding the button to "add conversation" or whatever, so hopefully this makes it over on its own. I'm pretty busy anyway, a sudden death has given me a lot mroe responsibility - but it was good to have a break and watch it. So, please add this post, and maybe someday I'll figure out where the button is.

So, some thoughts.

I suspect they had to change the ending a bit. Why? I just found out why Andrea McArdle didn't appear - her father's illness. Suddenly, with no Eleanor Roosevelt (unless she was only going to appear and do "Tomorrow" with Annie in the cabinet meeting) they had to scramble. Just a hunch, but possible that was a Plan B.

That said, it was a nice tough seeing Miss Hannigan put to work :-) Although let's face it, once Rooster and others testify, she would be taken in anyway. Especially because...

Don't know if I have mentioned this fanfic, but as I show in chapters 5 and 6, the orphans had to know something was up.

Miss Hannigan *is* said to "leave them unattended" - so she's not as bad as in 1982, close to the mean Disney Hannigan but without the starving part (like I've said, one of them had to know hw to cook a little).But, she'd also be planing to leave, and she'd either know about the Mudges (and the orphans would wonder why if they're supposed to go to Warbucks') or doesn't know anything (in which case they'll wonder why she packs up and leaves for a bit Christmas Eve to meet up with them, only to come back having failed and thenly to have to repeat it Christmas morning.)

In fact, with the kids' commotion first int he last scene, it's *very* likely some of them went off to tell Warbucks their worries and she followed, making up her story along the way. Either that, or they forced it out of her. Which isn't hard, Lily St. Regis made it harder in the 1999 movie. All they have to do is hod her down while Kate holds a dead mouse in front of her face. :-)

The only thing is, I think some ran out before just because it'd be pretty early in the morning. Unless they made her confess the night before and she agreed to do what she did. Boy, this gives new meaning to how I have July talking about picking her battles in the fics, while Duffy and Pepper are the enforcers. I can just see July scolding Pepper: "ee, this is why I'm so quiet and just take care of you guys, so if something big happens..." and Pepper saying "Give me a break" and ordering Kate to get a dead mouse planning to go way overboard. With July and Molly running out first not knowing quite what to do, and the others following.

Taraji was great as Miss Hannigan - hilarious stuff! Everyone did a super job - if you disagree that's fine, I do have visual and hearing handicaps but the music seemed great and the acting really good. I loved the fancy scenes, and the bit about Broadway reopening felt like it could be from 1933 (I'm sure it struggled) yet so poignant for today, too.

We didn't get the classic "The jig is up" bit, which they could have done *before* they others showed up, but we did get Warbucks himself going to see Miss Hannigan and get her to sign. We don't know for sure, but he does say goodbye to the others like he has been speaking to them. Which is nice becuase it shows him investigating the place and thus that Annie has told him what it's like.

Okay, some other thoughts.

Wow, did Wendy's play it perfectly! Their jingle is running through my head now, the ladies were just like the Boylan Sisters - or any ad people from that era - and it just had the feel of a commercial from back then. And I don't even like bacon! :-) (usually too greasy - though some youth got me to try it on pizza and it was okay there.) There were a few really cute ads, but really, my hats are off to the ad execs for that one. How much do you want to bet no Super Bowl ad is as good as the top 2-3 here, whichever you liked best?

I've said it elsewhere - if I had a little girl walking around with her arms outstretched in front of her making loud noises and saying, "Daddy, I'm an elephant," I would still see her as a human andnot think she was a jungle creature. In the same way, I wasn't at all bothered by the idea that some of the performers were black playing white characters.  But,what amazined me was that - according to one of the side comments in the 2014 Annie, the creators had been urging them to cast black girls as Annie for years. So, the word of the original creators, to me, should be enough to silence those who complain.

I've earfd the ending used is similar to the way some other thesaters have ended the musical, except with just the orphans letting Warbucks know and Miss Hannigan being arrested, too. So, that ending wasn't *that* odd. I'm sure there's a few iterations of it. I do, however, whish they'd done like the origina.

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