It was great to meet all of the current orphans while they were in Los Angeles. I have uploaded two songs in the music player - Madison Kerth singing "Maybe" and Madison and the orphans singing "Hard Knock Life." I also posted 3 videos from Act 2 of the show.


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I love the new videos you posted of this cast. I loved Never Fully Dressed, it was so well put together, and Amanda has gotten so tall (dontcha hate it when you're 18 and an 11 year old is taller than you?) You clearly got a good seat (I'm assuming it was you who was filming), and the video quality was really good. Thanks for the new videos! I have yet to check out the sound clips.
YES! amanda is about the same height as me and i'm 17. o man am i short.
I love this picture! You have such a gorgeous smile, Julie!
Julie, I am not seeing any videos of Madison singing "Maybe" or of the orphans singing HKL... Am I missing them? I still don't really know exactly how to look for them... lol... Thanks...
They are actually sound clips. There are videos of Madison singing the White House version of Tomorrow, as well as Never Fully Dressed, and I Don't Need Anything But You. But Maybe and Hard Knock Life are sound clips, which can be found at the bottom of the home page. Hope that helps!
Hi Miss Julie,I hope I am writing this in the right spot. Sorry if i am not. I just wanted to say thank you for coming to the show. Thank you very much for the cap that you gave me, I wear it today after the show and it looks really cool with my annie jacket and some of the fans asked where i got it. So i wanted to say thnk you very much to you for being so thoughtful. I also watched your movie that you made and i liked it. Anyway I am only on this tour for a little while coz I would like to be home with my family too and also it is not fair for me to play the roles that other girls would love to play, coz I have had my time of happiness here and now it is someone elses turn to feel that happiness. But I'm glad I got to be here and meet all the cast and see you too. Everyone on this tour is gret and my mom told me that you trained 3 orphans here and now one of them is Annie an that is soooo cool. All the orphans are so sweet and talented. Everyone is so nice. Only 2 orphans (well 3 if you count the swing) are taller than me and it is so nice not to worry about about always being too short for roles all the time.
OMG I gotta go to sleep now coz I play the annie early at 11am is call I think. I get to sleepover with Mikey (the Sandy dog) and I love him so much. Anyway thankyou for the cap and the pictures and coming to see us and then taking time to come to the stage door to say hi to us. Well goodnight and thank you a lot, KR4Y* lots of love Amanda
Hi Amanda! You've gotten so tall! It would be really cute to see pictures of you in your Annie costume and hair again (I've noticed that your hair is blonde again).

It was really nice to see you, too. Last year when I saw the show, Grace was playing Annie, so I didn't get to say hello to you. You are growing into a beautiful young lady. I'm glad you like the "Life After Tomorrow" hat and the film. I know that you are helping out by playing Kate and Annie for a little while and I'm sure it's fun to be able to jump back into the show after being away from it. I can understand why being home, after going through the adjustment of leaving tour life, is something you want now. It's good to reconnect with family and friends before moving on to a new opportunity - of which I'm sure you'll have plenty.

Hope you have a great show today and in case people didn't see the photos you attached to your post, I will post them here. Please keep us updated on what you're doing back home.


"and also it is not fair for me to play the roles that other girls would love to play, coz I have had my time of happiness here and now it is someone elses turn to feel that happiness. "

She seems to spout this sentiment a lot. It almost sounds forced to me, i.e. something a family member said and she repeats it, trying to sound mature. I don't know. Just seems odd to me; like she is reading from a script.
guysmiley, I don't think it sounds odd at all. I think that one matures very much after spending three years touring with a show, and that statement by Amanda demonstrates that maturity. And Amanda seems like a very considerate girl---she is aware of the fact that many young girls desire more than anything the chance to be in Annie, and I think she definitely feels rather bad that she's taken a role again. I think that Amanda's statement was very sincere and from her heart.


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