This morning I got the sad letter that I was not going to be cast in Annie on Broadway. Does this mean I could get cast as a dancer in NYC? Most importantly, will there be Annie anywhere else opening. I live in the St. Charles, Batavia, Geneva (maybe 2 hours from Chicago) area and I was thinking Chicago might be easier to start my career. Or National Tour or LA or...I don't know....Does anyone know if there will be open calls for Chicago etc.? I would love to be in Annie somewhat close to Broadway.....

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Hi Jello :)

I'm pretty sure it is the orphans double up as the kids in NYC. I don't know about any touring companies.

But I do live in the same (sorta) area as you do. There are lots of places around that do some great theater.

I don't know if any are doing Annie, but you could try Pheasant Run or maybe Drury Lane.


Yes I looked at Pheasant Run and they are actually doing Annie right now, well, the jr. version which I've done twice already and I'd have to pay. I also looked at Drury Lane and it looks like they pay a lot and they're doing Hairspray right now. It looks like they are doing Singing in the Rain later.

Thanks SO MUCH for the input!


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